My Thoughts Toward Ps Lynley Nielsen as She Retires After 43 Years in Ministry.

This weekend at Nowra City Church, an amazing champion of the church of Jesus Christ in Australia is hanging up her boots so to speak, and retiring from her position as Associate Pastor of Nowra City Church. This caps off 43 years of ministry life. Times as:- Pioneering Pastor, Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor. As the previous Senior Pastor of Nowra City Church for the last 15 years, I am posting a few photos as a celebration of some of my favorite pics of Lynley in ministry.

I could blog pages and pages of comments about Lynley and her incredibly ability as a Pastor and leader. I regularly described her as one of the most effective Associate Pastors in Australia:- I mean as part of a team, we grew one of the largest regional churches in Australia, a lot of that I give credit to the Holy Spirit and to Lynley.

But I do not desire to write as her former pastor, boss, or leader…..but as her friend. Its an unlikely friendship. Over the last 15 years I have known Lynley and her incredible husband Garry in a number of differing roles, I have come to count them as one of my closest friends. Garry and her have enriched my life and Melanie’s life immeasurably. We have laughed, prayed, at times wept together, celebrated and built a great church together.

There are people in life who are strangers. There are people in life who are associates. There are people in life who are friends and then there are people in life that you just wouldn’t do life without. These people are better than the purest gold. Lynley and Garry, in my world, in Melanie’s world, fall into this category.

Lynley thank you. Garry thank you.

My blessing that I would speak over your life is: May the roos of the Nerriga bush leave your sapplings alone, may the wombats and Lyre Birds of Main Road 92 avoid your car, may the Nerriga Pub never lose your mail and may you enjoy many many years of living in your dream cave (sorry I meant house) and may you never lose the wicked adventurous streak in you both. Retirement just means you get to pursue your dreams 24/7. No more Ops Team Meetings.

Love you both


IMG_1220Picture_4239 Picture_3915


P1130463 P1070146 P1060499 P1020598 P1010756 IMG_9781 IMG_8900 IMG_8297 IMG_7899 IMG_7234 IMG_6964 IMG_6647

IMG_2453IMG_1327 IMG_1320    IMG_0774 IMG_0574 Imagine Day 2011`150511046 DSC_1134 DSC_0887 DSC_0587   DSC_0167  DSC_0081S  DSC_0004 DCP_3987 DCP_3206 398308_385707181465134_334194041_n 397102_10151061180520063_140085415_n 6953_461709143864937_584834874_n

Twenty Fifth190812_20 Picture_6038 The Lifeboat  Opening 13 02 09_98

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3 replies

  1. Absolutely incredible. They are the kind of memories that are best building up just in case you get to retire sometime. I am left with two thoughts: Women really are worth having around. As long as people have talent, determination & a whacky sense of humour, anything is possible.

    Well done and praise God!

  2. What wonderful photos of an awesome woman

  3. Wow – never heard of her. But I love her already!

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