Anyone Else Confused at the Irony of the Bathurst 1000 Organisers Using Women as Decorations After Fining a Driver for Misogyny????

I need your help to help me understand something about the Bathurst 1000.

So a driver (David Reynolds) is fined by the racing establishment $25,000 for being a misogynist for describing the all women driving team as a ‘pussy wagon.’ Agree with the fine. Well done Racing Organisers.

Yet the same establishment are  happy to use women as decorations during the Podium Presentation. See Pic.

These 6 women, dressed in cleavage showing, tight shorts clothing are purely on the podium as (and this term offends me) eye candy. They contributed nothing to the ceremony post the Bathurst 1000 win except to be like the bright coloured balls we hang on the Christmas tree. I feel sorry for those girls. For these people.  I feel sorry that they felt they needed the money enough to reduce themselves to the level of being a decoration for men. I feel sorry for the stinking irony of the people who run the Bathurst 1000 who are happy to fine someone for a blatant sexist remarks yet are even more sexist by using the female form purely for decorative purposes. What the hell guys??????

Lets end the Grid Girl phenomenon.

Ps Peter

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  1. Completely agree. Unless Racing Australia drags itself into the 21st century and send the message that women are to be respected changing the beast won’t happen anytime soon.

    Thank you for being prepared to give issues like this a voice. 🙂

  2. Who says the women are actually being paid?
    A lot of people volunteer for these things just so they can get their 5 minutes of fame.
    The girls often volunteer for this so they can meet the drives and other famous people.

    But its not justt racing. It is everything. Women are trained to beleive that the tighter the clothes and the more skin they show the better they are. Look at nearly all advertising. There are women in short tight clothes to sell everything from sheds for men to simple items and everything inbetween.

    Look at the oscars, logies and everything. The dresses do not flatter the women. They are made to show of as much leg, thigh and breast as possible. Any dress that is not revealing is touted as tacky and ugly.
    It sends the wrong message to women.

    They just dont see that most times they just look cheap.
    Luv Deb

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