Premier Mike Baird to Visit Nowra City Church This Sunday: Help Me Craft a Letter to Him.


This Sunday Premier Mike Baird is going to be attending a service at Nowra City Church. This came about because of an email I sent the Premier which I then blogged  last year. Read the blogged email here

I appreciate that the Premier is making good on his promise to attend a service at Nowra City Church and I thought seeing I will be meeting with the Premier in person on Sunday night, I would give my Facebook friends and blog followers the opportunity to communicate to him via a letter that I will present to him on behalf of my social media contacts. The rule though of this letter is, let’s encourage the Premier. We all know politicians are criticized for what they do wrong (which I do acknowledge was the flavor of my original communication to the Premier), so let’s give the NSW Premier some encouragement and positive feedback.

So tell me what you admire about the Premier and or the NSW Government and I will craft this into a letter and present it to Premier Mike on Sunday night: I will also blog the letter.

You can email me at or leave your comments on this blog post.


Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. Hi Peter I would love to thank Mike for his sincerity, in a recent FB post on his page he encouraged the current HSC students. I loved how he shared the truth of his walk while encouraging the students that this is just the beginning……not the end. He sincerely shared that his own HSC marks were not something to write home about but his marks did not define him nor will their marks define them. Thanks Mike for saying what so many of us feel. Thanks also for demonstrating the love of Jesus to others through your everyday leading of our state. You are an example of love in action we appreciate you.

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  2. Thank you very much Peter for all your hard work in getting the Premier, Mike Baird, to our church. We both really enjoyed listening to him … his sincerity and obvious love of Jesus. We both enjoyed the evening.

    And Stew says … “go the Libs”.

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