Morning News Wrap for Monday 4th January 2016



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

Body found after a Bakery van was swept away in flash floods in Victoria.

NSW Farmer organises a convoy of 120 trucks to deliver donated hay to drought stricken Queensland. Good Job NSW Farmer.

Police search for missing 13yr old Brisbane girl.

Elderly Pedestrian fighting for life after being hit by a car in Brisbane’s south.

Australia Post has increased, from today, the price of sending an ordinary letter to a $1….this is after last year announcing that they are slowing the post down. For the record I can post a letter from the Gold Coast and it will take a full seven days before it hits Nowra.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton apologises after accidently sending offensive texts about a female journalist… the journalist.

Free tickets released for Australia Day Concerts at Sydney Opera House.

Mystery surrounds the death of a Korean man in Noosa.

A kid eating a watermelon at the cricket has become famous after the clip went viral. Ah yes the watermelon virus….

The National Road Toll for the Christmas/New Year period is 34 people.

Two Aussies tourists die. One in Bali. One in Phuket. Both drowned.

Masked Jihadist issues fresh threats against Britain.

Hayne’s coach at the 49ers is facing the sack.

Saudi Arabia executes a senior Iranian Muslim Cleric.

In retaliation the Saudi Embassy in Tehran has been set on fire.

In retaliation Saudi Arabia has cut all diplomatic ties with Iran.

California Twins born just minutes apart on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day wont share the same birthday.

Youths torch Christmas tree during rampage in Brussells….well they sure showed that tree.

Mexican Mayor assassinated one day after taking office.

Giant Boulder injuries 15 people in Brazil. It’s got to suck when the Planet is throwing stones at you.

A Seinfeld themed bar has opened in Melbourne….color me excited. I bet you go in there and order the soup and the chef comes out and yells NO SOUP FOR YOU.

Have a great Monday.

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