Morning News Wrap for Tuesday 5th January 2016


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

Hot Air Balloon makes an emergency landing in South Melbourne – See Pic.

A man has driven his car off a pier in South Australia killing himself and his two young sons.

The man who cowardly and randomly punched a man who then died from the attack in QLD, had asked his friends if they wanted to see something funny.

Hoverboard blamed for fire which burned down a Melbourne House.

Flooding warnings in NSW after heavy rain.

PM breaks silence over Dutton’s texts.

Electronics Store Dick Smith has gone into Voluntary administration after the bankers called in a receiver.

A federal Labor MP has controversially suggested that woman on welfare should be forced to take contraception to stop intergenerational poverty. Brilliant idea really. Poor people should not be allowed to breed. Hey we should also do the same to people with an IQ below 138, people who don’t have perfect symmetrical faces, people from families who voted Greens, fans of Five Seconds of Summer (no wait those people would be too young to breed anyway) and Prius Drivers.

One man dead and another under police guard after a fight in the Sydney Suburb of Claymore.

Donald Trump’s first TV ad for his Presidency Campaign has taken on ISIS and Immigrants.

Avalanche from Turkish rooftop buries pedestrians.

US Country Singer Craig Strickland has been found dead a week after he went missing on a Duck shooting trip.

Trading on the Chinese Stock Market has been suspended after stocks fell 7%.

Wall Street down 276 points.

Powerful earthquake hits Northeast India – probably was the Chinese Stockmarket hitting the ground.

A Californian woman who was caught throwing her Pug dog to the ground in a fit of rage has been given the animal back after a vet said the dog was ok…..She should also be in that list of non breeders that Labor is putting together.

The Periodic Table has been given four new Elements.

Please consider yourself appropriately briefed for a Tuesday.

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  1. Thanks Peter, Sooo pleased to see your News Wrap in this format! It is immediately before my eyes & the choice to read (or not) is my choice instantly without having to wade my way through FB and 200 friends that have all decided, without permission, to tag me with minimum of 50 other of their ‘friends’ tagged alongside. To make the search for what I want even more hazardous, ‘friends of friends’ also then start conversing with each other within the parameters of my own personal FB Site, causing one to be caught in the crossfire of The Entire Global Village! Having just spent 6 weeks in Hospital with a severely dangerous illness, I dared to ask one ‘friend’ amidst my friends to kindly un-tag me as the traffic aboard my space was becoming hazardous to not only my health, but the imminent demise of my brain totally. This was then followed by an attempt to enter into a long and laborious lament about who was now offending who? Dear Lord, please help me. All I want is to stay alive as long as I possibly can…have we reached the time in technology when we have reached the place that asking for a little help in a health issue by allowing just a teensy bit of quietude during recovery, is an offensive thing? How I wish we would ditch the technology and go back to talking WITH each other, not over, through or ABOUT each other?

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