Morning News Wrap for Thursday 7th January 2016


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

In Brisbane: A baby girl has been stabbed to death and her mother and grandmother are now fighting for their life after the grandfather decided to be an idiot and stab his wife, his daughter and his granddaughter (killing the little baby).

Prince William says the swear word bollocking in a TV Broadcast and the internet went into melt down.

One person missing after fire tears through hotel in Pittsworth in the Darling Downs.

Thousands of Victorian Uni Applicants left heartbroken by email mix up. People told they got into Uni when they didn’t…How does this happen in 2016…..Come on Universities….you got to do better than this.

Fitbit shares plunge 18% after unveiling its new fitness watch.

Newcastle becomes new set for WaterWorld II.

Australia has fifth warmest year on record……before all you global warming disciples bow down and worship at the altar of the IPCC J curve remember that therefore there must have been four other years hotter than 2015.

Meteorite retrieved from the QLD Outback. Clive Palmer seen at Electoral Office… Co-incidence? Well you judge. I just report the news.

Obama cries unconvincingly during passionate speech on gun control….if only he was the President of the United Stat….wait up. He is……oh so the President can’t change stuff????? Thank you for the powerful message to ISIL.

North Korea has caused an Earthquake by testing an Hydrogen Bomb. World Freaks out. Looks to America. President crying due to his legislative impotence. North Korea breathes a sigh of relief. Pastor from the Gold Coast has freaked out emoji on his face.
Buries head in Sand (see Pic). All good now.

Dutch man skates on thin ice…..Ok we all skate on thin ice from time to time but this guy skates on black ice after the roads become too dangerous for cars.

Hello from the other side
I must’ve called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry, for everything that I’ve done
But when I call you never seem to be home

Hey Adele. Stop it!!!!!!!!!

Stepping up the seriousness. 34 people have drowned off the coast of Turkey.

National Others Week Begins in South America.

Netflix announces major expansion into 130 new countries.

Wall Street down 252 points.

Happy Thursday.

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