Morning News Wrap for Wednesday 20th January 2016.

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your awesome Frontal Lobe. Good Morning and welcome to today. Here is the news with a smattering of attitude.

Boy 12, watches as police shoot crazed man dead in Sydney.

Tomic rattled by fans seizure and emergency during a match.

New Person of Interest in disappearance of Beaumont Children 50 years ago….comment if you remember this. It’s before my time but I certainly know the story.

Gayle returns to the Big Bash? Really this is news. Come on Media People.

Barbecue rack of lam with mango chilli lime salad – is apparently an unusual ‘surprise combo’ for Australia Day……Wow – hitting the big new stories today.

Bounty of rain transforms Uluru.

Pssst. Hey want to buy a cheap hardware store….apparently Masters are having a fire sale……well no one saw that coming.

Nadal crashes out of the first round of the Aussie Open…..Doh.

Abbott to recontest election in the hope of returning to the Lodge.

Concrete wall collapses on Queensland toddler.

WA man catches tiger snake in mouse trap.

Woolworths recalls Australia Day cap – because they forgot that little piece land called Tasmania.

US couple celebrate 82nd wedding anniversary.

World’s oldest man dies.

Obama and Turnbull have met.

IS is holding 3500 women and children as slaves.

IS confirms Jihadi John is dead….and the world is a better place.

Palin expected to endorse Trump.

IMF slashes global growth forecasts.

Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dies at age 67.

Fire hits Paris Ritz weeks before relaunch.

Have a super Wednesday.

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