Reblogged Article From Miranda Devine. The Left Doctrine That No One Can Criticise: Safebook

Love this article in the Daily Telegraph today Wednesday 18th May 2016 by Miranda Devine.

Particularly resonated with the quote: “No one has missed the irony of supposed anti-bullying, anti-bigotry activists using bullying and bigotry to silence dissenters.”

I remember smiling sadly at the irony of Bill Shorten defending the apparent anti bullying safe schools program in a press conference by calling an Government MP a name for his disagreement.

Ever notice the biggest advocates of anti bullying programs are the biggest bullies?

Ever notice the most passionate preachers of the doctrine of tolerance are the most intolerant?

Free speech in Australia is completely free as long as it lines up with the vocal extreme leftist view of the world. If not, then you are bullied into silence.

Anyway have a read of the article.

Ps Peter Pilt.



WHAT a joke that the US President has used his immense power to force schools to have transgender bathrooms. Barack Obama claims this is to protect children from “bullying”.

But what evidence is there that our longstanding tradition of sex-segregated ablutions causes children to be bullied?

If anything, girls will be the losers, as the one safe place they could retain their modesty is invaded by the sexual thought police.

No, the transgender bathroom push is as much about preventing bullying as is our own Safe Schools sexual propaganda curriculum.

It is as much about preventing bullying as the Building Respectful Relationships program is about preventing domestic violence. These programs are all designed to impose a minority view of sexual activists on children, in an attempt to change social norms about sex and “gender”.

But woe betide those who try to push back. You will be called a “bigot” by Labor leader Bill Shorten and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, your Facebook page will be censored and your perfectly reasonable, private letters of concern sent to the Premier’s office will be published online and ridiculed.

Who are the real bigots, aka “a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions”?

Step forward Facebook, for one. The social media giant stands accused of deleting an article critical of Safe Schools from the page of Christian group Family Voice Australia. And Family Voice claims it wasn’t the first time Facebook has censored its content, mostly articles upholding traditional marriage.

That seems to be a pattern with Facebook, which is under fire in the US for suppressing news feeds from conservative media outlets. As the fourth biggest company in the world, and an increasingly major source of news, Facebook is remarkably intolerant to views which differ from its official policy.

That’s what you might call Big Bigotry. No one has missed the irony of supposed anti-bullying, anti-bigotry activists using bullying and bigotry to silence dissenters.

Thankfully, the Facebook page of the Liberal member for the southern Sydney electorate of Hughes, Craig Kelly, is intact for now.

He is one of the few brave politicians who have taken a stand against the radical sexualisation of the school curriculum.

His post about Victoria’s so-called anti-domestic violence program Building Respectful Relationships shows it is effectively the sexual grooming of children.

The program requires teachers to ask Year 9 students to “role play” characters from profiles provided on the Victorian Department of Education’s website.

Children can choose to be “Megan”, who is 17, “has had 15 sexual partners and describes herself as bisexual. She rarely practices safe sex, because she is often drunk when she has sex”. Or “Grace”, who is 16, “has had four boyfriends and has been sexually active since she was 13”.

Or “Kelly”, who is 14, in Year 9 and “very interested in girls. She is not sure but thinks she might be a lesbian”.

How will domestic violence be prevented by forcing a 13- or 14-year-old girl to imagine herself as a promiscuous older girl? Barely one in four Australian teenagers have lost their virginity by Year 10, so why create false expectations, if not to encourage premature sexual activity?

Craig Kelly concludes: “I don’t think I’m a ‘prude’, but as a father, I don’t believe ‘role-playing’ of such sexualised characters as ‘Megan’ should be part of lessons for Year 9 girls in our schools.”

You don’t have to be a political partisan to note that Labor is aggressively pushing this sexual agenda, especially in Victoria.

And, as much as Shorten and Andrews rail against critics as “bigots” and “homophobes”, they’re not fooling anyone.

Even Safe Schools co-author Ros Ward has admitted she never designed it as an anti-bullying program but as a tool of Marxist sexual revolution.

Bullying is always a serious problem in schools but these sexualised programs will do nothing to stop it. In fact they may exacerbate it by elevating one class of potential victims above the rest, who are bullied for reasons that have nothing to do with sexuality or gender fluidity.

If you were serious about preventing bullying you would create a program that engenders empathy for all victims of bullying.

Take the American program, which provides support for all bullying victims, including LGBTIQ youth.

A public service ad running on American talk radio on high rotation at the moment features male and female students talking about their experiences: “Today in school I learned I am ugly and useless.

“And in gym I learned that I’m pathetic and a joke, in history I learned that I’m trash.

“Today in school I learned that I have no friends. In English, I learned I made people sick. And at lunch I learned that I sit on my own because I smell.

“The only thing I didn’t learn is why no one ever helps.”

Then a voiceover says: “Kids witness bullying every day. Teach them to be more than a bystander.”

There is no gory detail about sexual practices, just a powerful message about the negative effects of bullying, no matter who is the victim. That’s a message we all could agree on, without calling each other bigots.

Author Miranda Devine (Daily Telegraph 18th May 2016 Page 13)

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4 replies

  1. Brilliant! At last, someone in the media stands up!

  2. The thing is that these people you refer to as children are becoming more and more aware of who they are. The internet and just the age we live in adheres to this. The process of identity has hit an all time high and each generation has more freedom the the one it proceeds.
    The reassessment of Safe Schools now covers all types of bullying, but is held up by the Transgender community and is saving lives. These young people are not confused about their true identity, but the close minded, transphobic (who are also homophobic, which also translate to “hate”), right-wing…are confused and scared about anything that is not covered by Hetronormativity.
    I remember a great man, the late Ps Bill Beard once said, “we (the church) will open our arms to homosexuals, HIV positive and we can’t be afraid or judgemental…”
    It would break his heart to see and hear what so many churches are doing today in 2016…
    I believe in Freedom of speech and yes the press and large organizations do do a lot editing…just like the bible has been edited over the last 2,000 years. I am sure if Christ came back today, the first thing he would say is, “…That’s NOT what I meant!!!”

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