Census Question 19 – The Importance of the Question and the Deceptive Campaign by the Australian Atheist Foundation.

This week is Australian Census week. Tuesday Night specifically. There has been a lot of attention around Question 19 which is the question to do with religion. The Atheist Foundation of Australia has taken out ads across the nation encouraging people to put ‘no religion’. (See Pic below). In the associated and promoted website…they set themselves up as experts on who should say they are Christian and who shouldn’t.


This religion question is important for Australia as the census becomes the basis of Government Policy in areas like the funding of Christian schools, grants to Christian charities, the protection of Christian organisations in regards to who they employ, certain tax exemptions and others. Additionally the larger percentage of the nation identifying as Christian indicates to the government and authorities that they need to take the Christian world view seriously instead of constantly pandering to the extreme left and as is the tendency at the moment, to dismiss Christian view as irrelevant in modern Australia.

We are a nation founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic and there are people and organisations who would like to destroy that basis and what it stands for.  Click here to read my blog on What is The Judeo Christian Ethic.

On Census night on Question 19….if you are a Christian or hold to the values on which modern Australia is founded on, then I strongly urge you to Answer Christian. If you are a Pentecostal Christian then answer it this way: Christian – Pentecostal.

Paul Murray is a journalist on Sky News. He identifies himself as an Atheist….Yet last week he blasted the Atheist Foundation of Australia for their deceptive campaign.

Click here to watch the video.

I strongly encourage you to spend 6 minutes and watch the above clip.

I also encourage you to share this blog and get the word out to Christians across our great nation. I suggest the Atheist’s campaign has simply caused Christians to become more aware and unite together. Got to love that.

Anyway that’s what I think.


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  1. We’ve just been advised to put either “Pentecostal” or “Australian Christian Churches” (as opposed to “Christian – Pentecostal”) and people are just going to look at numbers, not “that is actually the same as that”.

    Pity (but not surprising) that the church can’t organise themselves as well as the Atheists.

  2. They have big advertisements in Car Park of Woolworths Engadine NSW as to how to fill in the form for non religion vote..I am disgusted that this census has people behind it pushing their agendas..Shame on them..

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