The Starfish Throwers: An Amazing Concept.

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I am a passionate lover of justice and kindness. But the enormity of the problems that the world faces, is at times overwhelming. To inspire people, I often tell the story of the young girl and the starfish. Hundreds of thousands of starfish had washed up on a beach and were slowly dying in the baking sun. A little girl was walking along the beach picking up starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. A middle aged man walking along in the opposite direction, had been watching the girl as he walked towards her. He made the comment to the girl….’hey there are so many starfish slowly dying on the beach that there is no way you can make a difference’. The little girl looked at the man, looked at all the starfish, bent down and picked up a star fish and made the comment ‘ Well I made a difference to that one’.

When I was pastor of Nowra City Church, I often made the comment ‘We can’t change the entire world but we can change someone’s entire world’.

So this Sunday I am preaching on others and was Googling stories trying to find a similar illustration to the Starfish story and I came across this website called The Starfish Throwers……I love love love this idea…..I want to be a star thrower.

Click here to go to the Website.

I guess I just super love the concept of being a Starfish Thrower.

I can’t change the world…..but I can be a Starfish Thrower.

Be one too.

Just a thought.


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2 replies

  1. I find this very encouraging Pete
    Thanks mate

  2. Love it and Love your passion for the down trodden and broken hearted. You sir are a mighty man of God

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