My Top Ten International Travel Destinations–From Personal Experience

Over the course of the last 20 years, I have been able to travel to various places around the world, some for work, some for study, some for pleasure and at times I have been able to combine two or all of these in a trip.

Here are the top ten places I would recommend you go if you have the opportunity. (In no particular order). Also just in case you are looking at travelling Internationally soon, check out my blog on my Top Ten International Travel Tips. Click Here.


I loved the experience of riding a camel on the edge of the Sahara Desert around the Pyramids and then going deep inside one of them. A great experience indeed. I had a friend with me who was a local. I think that makes all the difference. I also wouldn’t take my wife or daughters  to Egypt. I didn’t always feel super safe.


Beijing and The Great Wall of China.

China is a great country to visit. Particularly Beijing to see the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. From Beijing the Great Wall of China is about a 2 hour drive and well worth the effort to experience the Wall. I don’t recommend going in their winter as I have been to the Wall twice….Once when it looked like it did in the pic below and the other time it was –10 at the Wall and I had my young family with me then. It was so so cold. See second Pic.




Everyone who comes back from a visit to Israel, always comes back raving about the life changing experience it is, particularly if you are a person of faith. So now that I have been….I am one of the raving ones. It’s amazing and enriches your spiritual journey. Highly recommended. But I would recommend you go with an experienced travel organiser as Israel has its hot spots and no go zones…and these can change rapidly. The pic is of a boat ride we did on the Sea of Galilee.


Chile – Valparaiso

My first trip to Chile and Valparaiso was in October 2017.  Actually this was my first trip to Latin America and I loved it. Loved the food, the culture, the people, the language. This so won’t be my last trip. Loved it. The pic is of some of the people from the conference I was speaking at.



Ok so this is my family’s favourite holiday destination. We loved the beach, the fun you can have like parasailing, snorkelling… fact forget me listing it all here. I wrote a blog on our last holiday there. Click here to read that blog



I simply love Nepal for the people. Kathmandu is a crazy place but the people are just the best. Been a few times and would love to return….

Here is a photo blog I put together of the people of Nepal.  Click here to read that Blog. The lady in the pic below is a close family friend.


Simply for the history. Its old and has so many stories. Loved it and I would love to return and spend more time there.



This was a bit of a left of field country that I visited almost unscheduled. I was deeply moved by its troubled passed as I visited the killing fields of Pol Pot. I also saw its troubled present in terms of the child sex slave trade and orphans and how its a central country for people traffickers.

But like Nepal, the people and the culture grab you. I haven’t been back but I would love to. I didn’t expect too but always felt very safe in this country. The pic below is my attempt to drive a Tuk Tuk.



I love visiting America. Completed some study there a few years back. But whether it be LA and Disneyland, Vegas for some of the awesome shows they put, New York for the buzz or any part of the US, its a great country to visit.

IMG_0439 2


Singapore at Christmas time.

Took my family there in the lead up to Christmas a few years ago. We were all amazed at the effort that goes into celebrating Christmas. If you ever can be there for a December visit, you won’t be disappointed.


If you would like to know a little more on any of these destinations, please don’t hesitate to email me.


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