SO…..Awkward Question…..Is it a baby or collection of cells that are easily discarded of? It can’t be both.

So there are lots of passionate opinions on both sides of the abortion debate.

I have had a gut full of the hypocrisy of the world and the media. The world needs to decide….Is it a a baby in there or just a collection of lifeless cells that can be easily discarded of? You can’t have it both ways.

As a Christian, I have an opinion. Its a baby.

But I see the world loves to passionately embrace both sides…..When it’s convenient, it’s cells. When there is a cute story or something similar, its a baby.

Example. A few months ago, the State of Queensland, where I live, passed new abortion laws….It was celebrate widely in the community and reported happily in the media.

On the same day, Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Meghan was pregnant and the media all talked about the ‘royal baby’. No one mentioned the royal collection of lifeless cells that would become a life at its first breath.

Seems hypocritical to me.

There are three news stories in the media today.

1) An Aussie woman has been trolled due to the size of her ‘baby bump’.

So….is it a baby bump or ‘collection of no life yet’ cells?

2) A mum in the US has carried her dying baby to full term so she could donate it’s organs to save other babies….

This is a heart wrenching story….But wait up….the baby was dying in the womb…..but doesn’t life start at the first breath….according to abortion advocates? How can no life cells be dying?

3) A woman in the UK has had her baby removed from the womb because it had spina bifida…..operated on and then put back in.

Had her baby removed… she didn’t. If you are an abortion advocate….she had some cells removed. Media please report more accurately in line with you pro ‘collection of cells’ stance.

I am just frustrated at the double standards of the media.

If you are pro abortion then don’t call unborn babies babies. You can’t have it both ways. If you support killing babies then be consistent.

Now here is my disclaimer….I don’t rage about women who have had an abortion. Grace Grace…here is a guest blogger who had an abortion. Click here to read that blog

But at the same time, the world can’t have it both ways. Click here to read my blog on the cheering crowds in Ireland after Abortion Laws were passed

Anyway, That’s what I think


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  1. In the first 6 weeks the fetus is fully formed with every organ, arms, legs, head, brain, feet, the lot now it just has to grow. It is a baby even before the original abortion date of 3 months.

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