Week In Review News Wrap. From Around the Globe to Your Frontal Lobe. 12th of February 2019


The Government has lost an historic vote in Parliament. Apparently its the first time this level of loss has happened in 90 years.

A person has dies from bacteria infection caused by the Queensland floods. 10 others are sick.

I heard this week that the flood region had the equivalent of 10 years of Melbourne rain in a week. Tried to verify this but couldn’t. I also heard that 300,000 cows were washed away during the flood.

Melbourne gangster Tony Mokbel has been stabbed whilst in prison.

Been super hot over the last few days in Australia’s Eastern States. Will continue for a few more days.

The Aussie dollar coin is 35 years old…..well that makes me feel old. And for the record I miss the $1 and $2 note. Coins suck. Notes are better. When I travel to the US I do like a dollar note.

Headline reads  ‘Why the Yowie is one of Australia’s Biggest Mysteries’….Is it? It’s Mark Latham.

Lots of news about Married at First Sight and I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here……We should combine the two and have a new show….I got married get me out of here…..Oh that will get me in trouble. lol. Relax peeps….I am a huge fan of marriage for life.

A mum has survived 6 days in the desert in South Australia. New TV show….I am a mum get me out of here.

Perth’s notorious dine and dash woman has been sentenced to two years in jail….wait up…so this woman ate for free 80 times and her punishment is 2000 free meals in jail. Failure of the judicial system yet again.

Coles releases new mini figures…..they are mini vegetables which is meant to promote kids to eat vegies….I saw them and look nothing like vegies. If we want kids to eat vegetables, make them taste like nutella.

A giant snake has been seen eating a wallaby….#strayamate. All meat….no vegies here.

Part of the Great Ocean Road has had its speed limit reduced to 20 ks from 80…because its the Chinese new year….and there are lots of Asian drivers…..so many comments….none of them won’t sound racist so I am leaving this alone…..Except…..we are going to have lots of Chinese driving on our roads so we drop the speed limit to 25% of the speed that the non Chinese drive……Is that very fact racist?  Or has it become a fact…..Asians are bad drivers. Well according to the Victorian Government….

New text scam doing the rounds….people receive a text that says….Please call me back right away. It is an emergency. I need your help…..if you get this…..ignore it.

A new Sydney cop who was killed in a car accident has been farewelled at his funeral.

US Mum carries her dying baby to full term so she could donate the baby’s organs  to others to save  their lives.

Unrelated…..a postie has found a new born lying in the middle of a road in the US.

A random collection of cells in a woman’s womb in the UK have been removed from the womb, operated on and returned to the womb.

Fox News host says that he hasn’t washed his hands in 10 years as he says…if he can’t see germs they can’t be real. Weirdly, around his office, people have stopped shacking his hand.

A Brazilian News Anchor has died when his helicopter crashed into a truck.

Three teachers at a NY school may lose their jobs over publishing a back to school poster that had nooses as ‘back to school necklaces’. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING????

Indonesian Police have been busted using a giant snake as a torture implement when they interrogated people.

Anyway that’s an update people.

Chat next week. Stay cool.

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5 replies

  1. Great Ocean Road part of South Australia – I wish. Remind me to buy you an atlas for Christmas 😉

  2. A suitable punishment for the free eating lady… work in a kitchen doing the prep and clean up for 80 days….at least she could learn something and be useful at the same time!!!!

  3. I have a few one dollar and two dollar notes even with Commonwealth of Australia on them.

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