Seven Eleven Petrol Stations No Longer Have Restrooms. I Am Out As A Customer!!

I saw a post recently on Social Media saying that certain Petrol Stations are no longer installing Restrooms.

I found that post interesting as I had at the time written a blog about how I think there should be an App that does two things….one:- rates the quality and cleanliness of the rest room of a Servo and secondly:- highlights those servos who don’t actually have rest room facilities. Click Here to Read That Blog.

Hey I have Daughters, a wife and a serious Diet Coke addiction…..we need the occasional Restroom…(oh and forget raging about the Diet Coke thing….no one cares what you think about my addiction).

So….I have been experimenting with different brands of Service Station and I have today decided to present my findings.

Seven Eleven Service Stations no longer provide Restroom facilities.

After a desperate need for a restroom this morning (dam you the two morning cups of tea and then the 600ml diet coke as I hit the road), I pulled into a Seven Eleven at Forest Lake (Read West Brisbane for anyone who has no idea),  I was told very rudely ‘We don’t do rest rooms’.

So I thought I should ring Seven Eleven Customer Service just to let them know I am no longer a customer. The ‘customer service’ (Oh and I use that term only because they did….as I would suggest a better title is  ‘Customer We Don’t Care Officer’) lady, was super aggressive with me, explaining that they will be no longer provide rest rooms due to the fact that they handle dangerous products and that that may endanger their customers.

Oh it all sounded so caring….like a scene from ‘Gone with the Wind’.

So apparently all a sudden, the fact that petrol stations handle petrol means that people can’t do a wee.

I want to repeat that.

So apparently all a sudden, the fact that petrol stations handle petrol means that people can’t do a wee.  Welcome to the politically correct 2017.

I explained that for the last 50 years, Service Stations have been ‘Service Stations’.

The ‘Customer Service Lady’s’  aggression was breath taking in it’s scope, and I can only hope that our call was ‘recorded for training and coaching purposes’, (as the pre recorded voice suggested).

Which I suggest it won’t be. Or it won’t matter as she clearly reflected corporate culture.

I actually called her out on her aggression and asked her why would she be so aggressive with me when I am ringing to provide feedback and suggest her company may lose me as a customer.

Oh wait……Why would they want someone like me who travels extensively with a large petrol and diet coke bill as a customer?

Sorry….Sometimes I expect corporate Australia to actually want Aussie Consumer’s money.

I had a bad experience last week with Europcar, after hiring many cars from them…clearly loyalty means nothing to them….actually they lost me as a customer over $149.

Anyway….today I decided that I will drive past every Seven Eleven Petrol Station regardless of the status of my fuel tank and indeed regardless of the status of the occupants of my car’s bladder or  bowel.

Thank you Caltex and BP for providing Restrooms.

Oh and if you are as ticked by Corporate Australia as I am…read this blog about Europcar. Click Here.

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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2 replies

  1. Hi Peter.
    I was prescribed a tablet called Ditropan (which may be the generic brand) which I found works wonders for the bladder. Have a chat with your GP.
    Your article by the way was quite entertaining. I would still like to catch up for a coffee and/or diet Pepsi (which I prefer) when next in Brisbane. (probably April/May)
    Alan Jones
    Kingdom Mission
    Maesai, Nth. Thailand

  2. Really bad customer service!!!! Too bad if you are pregnant and are a or where a loyal customer. This has been the case for a while

    Sent from my iPhone


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