So here are some new thoughts.

I am just heading back into blogging and my old posting site is no longer available. So I am posting here as a test to see how it looks.

Would love if you could comment and let me know. I have pretty much not blogged for 2 years….but feeling the need to get back into it.


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  1. Blog away. I should also reignite mine.

    Look me up : open book empty pages.


    Jenny Marshall.

  2. 1. What platform do you have in mind? Telegram does not censor Christian commentators..

    2. Clearly saw your email.

  3. Well it’s seeable.

    The benefit of a blog is that you can say more, i.e. provide more evidence to back your point, or just report on more headlines.

    It’s also easier to find thing again which is a bif point.

  4. It would be good to have you back. We live in a time of growing government and surveillance – the thought police are active. As you know “who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” Your blogs in a tiny way are taking control of the present. I think this is a good thing.

  5. I saw it and got notified by email.

    • Hey Colin,

      Great to hear from you.

      Please unsubscribe to this blog site as many people know exactly what you think of me as you publicly raged against me.

      Just for the record….Just think for a minute how you would react….if your wife of 28 years, kicked you out of your marriage, your church movement that you had been a leader in for 22 years, fired you and the only job you could get was in Darwin. And so you arrived into Darwin not knowing a soul and then Covid hit and everything closed down….No friends could get in and no one could fly out….Oh and then….Churches, cafes and everything closed down..

      And then imagine a mate who I didn’t answer enough or quickly enough…..Thought it would be a great idea to publicly throw him under the bus…as he was also going through court and mediation and child issues…

      You must be an awesome human…Because I am not….and you have made that really clear to everyone you know….

      Thank you for your grace as I went through hell.

      Sorry I wasn’t you dance monkey.

      Please unsubscribe. It will save me the energy of blocking you.

  6. I have missed your blogs. Keep them coming again.

  7. Good to hear that you’re back to it Pete

  8. Received loud and clear Pete

  9. Hi Peter
    I wondered where you were. Good to have you back

  10. I look forward to reading your posts again.👏

  11. I too look forward to reading your blogs.

  12.  Dear Peter,

    So good to know that you are in touch with us again. Please delete this email address and use.

    Are you still living on the Gold Coast? I have thought of you from time to time and the church you left in Nowra. Perhaps you remember my daughter Joy. You conducted her wedding ceremony when she married David Johnston. It’s over 7 years since Jesus took Wes home. I miss him but am blessed so much even in lockdown on the mountains. Our God reigns.

    Sincerely, Doreen Battle Springwood Sent from my iPad


  13. Blog is good. Look forward to your insights. Bless ya mate

  14. Looks great. I have been missing your thoughts.

  15. Looks good buddy. Let me know if you’re passing by caboolture. Be good to see you again.

    Will Smith Connect Church 07 5498 9993 / 0418 721 118 Sent via Outlook for Android


  16. Hi Pete I’m onto it..


  17. Good to see you. Received fine😁

  18. Looks fine to me

  19. Yep, certainly bring it back. Your morning news wrap got me started to read your blogs and I fully enjoy them.

  20. Just keep it secret from Stephanie, OK. We’d rather not be mislead thinking you’ve written something brilliant, thoughtful, and insightful and it’s actually her.

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