Let’s Be Careful How We React To Others During Lockdown.

Australia's Sydney enters two-week Covid-19 lockdown to stem outbreak of  Delta variant

One of the hugely negative consequences of the current pandemic (apart from the obvious issues of people dying, being sick and people and businesses struggling financially), is that we are now very much a divided nation.

  • State against State
  • Region against Region
  • Pro Mask vs Anti Mask
  • Pro Vax vs Anti Vax
  • Pro Lockdown vs Anti Lockdown
  • Conspiracy believers vs Conspiracy Deniers

It seems these days, no one sits on the fence. Everyone has a passionate opinion and we are more divided as Australians now than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Even the fact that we are encouraged to dob in our neighbours to authorities, (whether rightly or wrongly), the end result being that we have turned state against state and right down to neighbour against neighbour.

I saw a great thought on Facebook the other day. I did not author this piece and I am unaware of the author otherwise I would give credit.

Here it is. Its a powerful thought.

Before you judge people for going out to Bunnings, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi or out to exercise read this:-

Just thought I’d share.. please be kind!

I’ve seen a lot of nasty posts in regards to people making “non-essential” trips…Do you ever think maybe that guy buying a litre of paint, knows he must keep busy because idle hands in the past has caused him to relapse and pick up that case of beer? So he’s using this time to do home improvements, something that keeps his mind busy while feeling a sense of accomplishment, trying to avoid painful triggers while possibly being alone.

How about the person buying a new TV, books or gym equipment because the only way to take their mind off their financial stress, is to watch TV, read or do some exercise. Also entertain their family or kids while all locked up in their home.

Or maybe that lady buying bags of soil and seeds, has struggled with depression and suicide. How do you know that planting and watching something beautiful grow during this time of darkness, isn’t essential to her, helping her to hold on to what little hope she might still have?

Those 2 women out walking together, are barely keeping things together for their kids and partners at home and that walking with a friend is relieving stress so they can go home and be strong for their families.

Or those 2 guys working out in the park are so stressed as they’ve lost their jobs and their families are depending on them financially to make it through until the crisis is over. By having a mate to talk to, it’s reducing the fights at home due to all the stress they are under.

We need to remember that it is impossible to know just by looking at a situation from “our” small lens, what someone is truly going through or where their mental health is at. Everyone handles chaos and healing through different means, and I know we are all on edge but please stop being so judgmental of others.

End Quote.

We need to all understand that all of us are going through something…the last thing people need, is to be judged. Rather what Aussies need right now is kindness. I have been a fan of kindness for most of life as I have seen its incredible impact to heal a soul, connect people, and just lift a burden off the shoulders of another person.

So let’s unify Australia by being kind. It starts with you and I.

Anyway, That’s what I think.


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13 replies

  1. Thanks Peter. It’s refreshing seeing a post from you. Thoroughly enjoy your writing.

    Hope you have a great day

  2. Thank you so much for your wise words .it has saddened me the division we see around us for and against etc .Let us just keep,our eyes on Jesus and love one another no matter what our personal views are. Thank you Peter.

  3. Spot on. ✔️ Thankyou Peter.

  4. Love this so much!

  5. Thanks Pete. For a lot, of my clients mental health issues have worsened during this time. A lot are already living isolated and lonely lives. Kindness is so important. 💕

  6. Spot on Peter

    Daryl Marshall


  7. Spot on Pete , the Lord woke me early last Thursday morning and gave me a similar decree which I journaled and subsequently posted on FB before heading off to help my son in his paint shop on the first day of Newcastle lockdown
    I agree with your article wholeheartedly
    I have my own strong views on the situation but I am learning to listen to both sides of the argument with more compassion and understanding
    I had a dear 84 y/o Lady looking to paint some pots one of my first customers on that same day
    She was so fearful coming to the store and was shaking so I asked if she was ok.She told me one of her friends and certain family members were making her feel uncomfortable because she had decided not to have the vax She was wondering if she should change her mind and welled up.I thought what can I say to her without sounding judgemental . I asked if she knew anyone who had Covid , she paused and then with a big relieving smile said No
    To which I replied “ maybe you are right then”
    I will never forget the contented look on her face as she left the store I told her I would have given her a big hug if it were not for social distancing
    She thanked me for simply listening to her with understanding
    Yes kindness is a great gift to give
    Bless ya

  8. I love this, and I so love the word Kindness. Let’s do it!

  9. Hi Pete
    One day when I’m older & more senile 🤷🏼‍♀️, I feel sure I will remember you for many things…probably among many positive things will be your kindness, you are kind & you are a walking, talking, living reminder that kindness is a passion & a deep rooted way of life for you along with others from our previous church…
    Great reminder in these extraordinarily difficult times and different to anything we’ve lived with here in Australia in our time, thanks so very, very much Pete for taking the time and effort to remind us x

  10. Hi Pete,
    So true, can’t judge a book by it’s cover, never know what the story is on the inside. Each day when I go out I ask God to allow me to show kindness wherever I am. I can thank you for my awareness to be conscious of being kind to someone somewhere. Cheers, Carol

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