A Couple of Apps I Would Like to See Made.

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I have a couple of ideas for an App that I think are pretty good ideas and would make life that little bit easier. (They may already exist but I have never seen them).

The first one is an App that keeps track of when all your bills are due. I have a house, an investment property, four members in the family have mobile phones (not all with the same carrier) and three vehicles plus Lakeisha’s. If I add up all the bills that I pay including the Monthly, Quarterly and Annual bills, it is in excess of 200. And then there is the push to stop paper bills and just email them out: – which in my world inevitably leads to bills being missed due to the amount of spam.

So what if there was an App where you entered all your service providers and then the providers sent push notifications out to you via the App. Then you could also use the App to pay every bill. Now I know that Telstra and Optus and others already do that….but I think it would be awesome if there was one App that did everything.

The second idea for an App is related to Rest Rooms. I get frustrated when I pull into a servo to grab fuel and use the rest room only to discover that either the rest room is out of service or what seems to be increasingly common, there is simply no rest room. Or you get to use the rest room and it looks like a war scene from Somalia and has the appropriate accompanying smells. So there should be an App that locates all the Servos that have rest rooms within a 10km radius of where you are and then rates each servo according to a set criteria.

Anyway, just my thoughts.


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  1. Such cool ideas, especially the first one.

  2. Check out a couple of these for help with your bills and paying them. The Mobilligy looks really good. Whilst this doesn’t cover the bill payer sending you the bills to the App, it does allow you to set them up and pay from the App.

  3. Love those two, particularly the Rest Room app if there was one. I have two McDonalds stores I won’t go to because of disgusting rest rooms.

  4. yes,
    can also find a bill management app here https://toptenalternatives.co/

  5. So rest rooms, I was in Singapore markets they take things further not only do you need to pay to use the toilet, you need to purchase toilet paper on entry. They take it to the next level. So glad I live in Australia!

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