Today Is Clean Up Australia Day. Here Is My List Of Things We Should Do To ‘Clean Up Australia’.


Today is Clean Up Australia Day. Made me think about what else we could do, apart from picking up rubbish – although that is awesome, to indeed truly Clean Up Australia.

Some of the things on my list are tongue in cheek. Others are deadly serious. Here are the things we need to get rid of in Australia to make our nation ‘cleaner’.

  • Payday Lenders like Nimble.
  • Internet trolls.
  • The Greens Political Party.
  • Reality TV.
  • Pedophile Priests.
  • Bullying of any kind.
  • Intolerant people who are massive advocates for tolerance.
  • The color Yellow.
  • Harley Davidsons – only cause they are so slow.
  • The entire Judicial System.Click here to read my blog on the Judicial System
  • Poker Machines.
  • Stop selling water in bottles.
  • Gambling Ads.
  • Donkeys.
  • The TV show The Project.
  • Tiger Airways.
  • Sport during the News.
  • Pepsi.
  • Cardigans for men.
  • People who think they own the whole handrest on an Plane.
  • Anthony Mundine.
  • Nick Kyrios.
  • Paul Keating.
  • Kevin Rudd.
  • Swearing on TV. Oh I am so old fashion.
  • A Political Party’s ability to stab a first sitting PM in the back.
  • Halloween.
  • Horror Movies.
  • Slugs, Huntsman Spiders and Maggots.
  • Weight loss ads that make losing weight appear so so easy.
  • Racism.
  • Kiwis.
  • Hypocrisy.
  • See what I did there.
  • Radicalised Muslims.
  • Anyone who is violent toward women.
  • Abortion.
  • Breast Implants.
  • Chocolate or any product that is produced via unethical labor practices.
  • The book 50 Shades of Anything.
  • Cyclones.
  • Stuff that chokes wildlife.
  • People who rage about the wrong thing like a guy punching a roo.
  • The number 29.
  • Speed limits for excellent drivers or motorcylists.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Arsonists.
  • TV hosts who wear Pink Shirts.

Anyway that’s what I think,

What would you add?


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7 replies

  1. How bout just violent people in general? Or is violence against men ok?

  2. Only got one wrong, Harleys arent sloww

  3. What about:

    – Churches who have watered down the “Gospel” to the extent that Jesus seems to be no more than an optional Facebook friend.
    – Churches that refuse to identify sin or tell sinners that they’re destined for hell (oh! and what hell’s like).

  4. Misguided missioary christians!

  5. Misguided missionary christians!

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