Top 29 Pieces of Spiritual Advice I Would Give My Daughters.

I have two daughters:- Lakeisha 18 and Laura 13. Both of them love Jesus and serve the local church in various capacities…..As they both come into adulthood, here are some pieces of spiritual advice I would give to both of them. Reality is that I am not using this Blog to teach them spiritually as these principals I have modelled, talked about, loved and past on way before I wrote this blog. It was actually a pleasant experience the other arvo as I sat with my laptop on my lap, with Laura beside me, discussing each piece of advice and how that outworks in our lives.

So here are the Top 29 Pieces of Spiritual Advice I Would Give My Daughters

  1. Read the Bible daily and understand its authority and power as the Word of God. Own a bible you don’t mind destroying with lots of notes, scribbles and highlights.
  2. Memorize Bible verses. Especially when you are younger and your brain sharper.
  3. Understand that The Message version of the bible is a paraphrase version and not a true bible version….it’s a paraphrase….It’s great so long as you know it’s a paraphrase.
  4. Don’t wrangle over minor theological issues like worship styles, when will the rapture happen, what bible translation is really the right one etc (unless it’s the Message lol)…..It comes down to this…..Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
  5. When you have to change Churches, one of your considerations should be the Church’s Statement of Faith. Don’t choose a Church that has modernized its theology. Click here to read the Statement of Faith of Nowra City Church when I was pastor. I suggest you use this as a string line as this is a fundamental Pentecostal Doctrinal Statement.
  6. Don’t have an experiential theology. This means if you pray for someone to be healed and they aren’t, don’t change your beliefs to God doesn’t heal. Simply believe what the Word of God says regardless of your experience.
  7. Share your faith.
  8. Love the local church. Attend enthusiastically every Sunday.
  9. Encourage your Pastor.
  10. Always serve somewhere in the church.
  11. Pray every day.
  12. Have an outrageous prayer list. Expect God to surprise you with His power.
  13. Be water baptized.
  14. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  15. If you are every given a prophetic word, don’t change your life based on it, don’t just wait around for it to come to pass. Prophetic words should not be directional. They should be encouraging. I have seen too many people take a prophetic word and model their life on it, only to be frustrated when it didn’t come to pass.
  16. At least once a year – have a time of fasting and prayer – three days is a good aim.
  17. Don’t let God be a Sunday outing. But rather be passionately spiritual where God is infused in every aspect of your life.
  18. Study and understand how the spirit realm works. There is much we can do in life that effects the spirit realm. Understand what those actions are.
  19. Take notes during the sermon.
  20. Honor God with your Money.
  21. Understand the power of your words. Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. At least once in your life, read Proverbs and underline every verse that speaks about words and their consequences.
  22. Don’t swear.
  23. Don’t ever watch a horror movie.
  24. Tame the materialism monster.
  25. Marry a Christian man who is strong spiritually.
  26. Once married, never attend a different Church to your husband.
  27. When you have your own children, understand that your faith is passed onto your children via observation. You have to live your faith consistently and let your children see that.
  28. The devil is a mongrel. Know your spiritual authority and stand strong in that.
  29. Be very discerning as to who you listen to via podcast sermons. There are many many false teachers who are exceptionally convincing.

I hope that helps my daughters and anyone else who reads this blog.

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Hope that all helps and inspires.


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11 replies

  1. Love it, Peter, really good advice. If I was to add anything, it would be: Trust God in the hard times. Hard things do happen, people get sick, finances can take a dive, people can be horrid, but God is faithful and He will get you through it, always.

  2. Love 3. and 4.

  3. Hey, Peter, this is a pretty impressive list indeed and shows the wisdom you have gained in your years. I will most likely use this list to check on young adults I know and see how we can build better spiritual priorities together.

    Just one question, though. Number 23 states, Don’t ever watch a horror movie. I tend to find a lot of people I know try to justify that there okay to watch because it’s a fictional representation not real. I don’t watch horror movies because I find them to be unentertaining but more importantly because leaders I respect (such as yourself just now) have said it’s a bad idea. Would you be willing to go further into why that is?

    • Jordan,

      I saw a couple of horror movies when I was in my pre-teens and they caused fear in my life for years (even decades) later. Because of a scene in the original “The Mummy” (1950’s version) there was a place in my home where I was scared to go as it was so like the place from which the mummy came out of in the movie.

      Even not a twinge of that feeling can bubble to the surface some times if I’m in a new, dark place.

    • Hi Joran, Horror movies are inherently spiritual. They are always based on demonic spirits out to destroy and terrify humanity…which is biblical what that they. People who watch them open themselves up to the harassment of the devil.

  4. Absolutely fabulous, wise advice. Amen!

  5. Great list.
    My daughter, Naomi, just moved out of home to attend university in Sydney (UNSW) and she has her 18th in a couple of weeks.
    If you don’t object – I’m going to incorporate some of this into what I want to say at the party

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