A Blessing declared over your 2012

Today,  I declare a blessing over each and every one of you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom this church worship and serves as their Lord and Saviour. I bless you and declare that you have a Jehoshaphat year. A year where God will give you the strength to live a no compromise life, where you will, through the daily choices you make, declare that you will live out the personal holiness that comes from living in relationship with a Holy God.

I bless you with the promised wisdom of the book of James, that says that God will give wisdom liberally to those who ask – and God today, I ask on behalf of these, your people for wisdom in 2012. Give them wisdom in the area of Marriage, wisdom on how to raise the Children you have so blessed the parents with, wisdom in areas of spirituality and discipleship, wisdom in how to do life better, wisdom regarding interpersonal relationships, wisdom on how to tell people in their world about Jesus, wisdom for those in leadership and serving roles, wisdom regarding finances, wisdom on how we deal with our sexuality, wisdom with our words and wisdom with our health and bodies.

I bless you today, with an increased fervency in your spiritual walk. May you know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to a greater depth of faith and intimacy this year and as you grow  – I bless your influence. May you help others in their spiritual journey as you the disciple become the discipler.  As I bless your walk with God today, I specifically bless the consistency of your walk. May it not ebb and flow, buffeted by emotions, circumstances and feelings, but may it go from strength to strength as you water your walk with the word of God, mixing it with a passion for your saviour that is nothing short of white hot, sold out, radical, no compromise faith in the God whom you serve.

I bless you with victory when the devil attacks. And he will attack. But you are strong and will do exploits because you know your God. I bless you with the wisdom to know how to walk to victory. I bless your prayer life. I bless your fasting. I bless your worship and I bless your obedience.

You are a mighty people. Why? Because you serve a mighty God and today I bless your 2012. Walk in the power, the victory and the freedom that is only found in Jesus Christ.

May you have an amazing year

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  1. Good morning Peter Pilt. I also bless you and declare that you have a Jehoshaphat year. No, you do not know me personally, but through the blessings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I am another Sister-in-Christ. John and Janet became friends with my husband Colin and I approx 2 years before they moved to Canberra. May You and Yours, have an amazing year also and again, thank you for this blessing.. 🙂

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