The Weather Forecast post State of Origin – By Colin Russell

An overcast cloudy and gloomy day in all parts of NSW as tears rain down even from above, over the loss of hope, pride and yet another football match. As tears stream down and collect in gully’s and creeks, expect flash flooding of winging, name calling and generally ref bashing.

The Low pressure system is likely to remain in place for at least another 6 weeks when some, though not many, predict the weather patterns and climate to heat up. There is likely to be a whirlwind of sledging, hype and media crap preceding the next match. But just the same as Santa is not real and the Easter bunny is a myth and that global warming is not going to happen, NSW blue circus troupe will likely be seeing the same Low pressure system envelope the state again.

NSW SES are warning people to prepare for what is likely to be a very dangerous time and households should prepare now and stock up with tissues, chocolate and sugar to alleviate the onset of PTSD. It is predicted that Julia Gillard will fly over Sydney and declare a State of Disaster and inject millions of tax payer dollars to console the deluded and distressed blues supporter in their time of need. Centrelink is setting up  Emergency crisis payments so all of NSW can purchase maroon jerseys and beanies for their own protection as we approach the worst storm season in many years….a ‘3 nil whitewash’ experts are calling it.

Citizens of NSW are being advised by the weather bureau to shift to higher ground(Qld). Processing for shifting will occur off-shore and depending on the political climate at the time it may take up to 15 years to process these NSW asylum seekers’ visas. A spokesperson from Mexico(Victoria) told our news reporter that they are employing the Army and the RAAF to secure their borders as they expect a tsunami  of blues supporters fleeing their state due to the unrest.  There is a hotline set up in anticipation and people are advised to freecall 1800 187263.

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