The Pilt Family’s Recent Experience with a Bully.


Late last year, I wrote a blog on Cyberbullying and had the opportunity to make a presentation to the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard, about the immense damage bullying can do. Bullying not just in the school yard, but in the workplace, online, anywhere.

Over the last few weeks the Pilt family, specifically my wife Melanie and two daughters, Lakeisha and Laura have been the subject of abusive and vile texts and threats. I will post some here and then I will tell you the course of action I have taken. My heart in posting this on a public blog is because I am sick of the bullying that goes on in society and I want to encourage anyone who is being bullied, to stand up to the bully. Enough is enough.

The following are quotes from just some of the 74 texts we received. Some were too explicit or too disturbing for me to share here:-

To Lakeisha

  • I know you are moving schools, you will have something waiting for you
  • You are a little c—
  • It wont just be me burning in hell, you are a little white Christian c—
  • You wait, I’ll send my cousin around to get you, with all her family
  • You are a pathetic little f—wit
  • I deadset hope you go and hang yourself
  • You are a little s—
  • You obviously aren’t much of a Christian
  • I am going to bash you and you f—– mother
  • Just shut your face
  • Hunni you’ve been asking for this since day dot. I text my cousin and she isn’t happy and she said if you don’t go to school tomorrow we will either go to your f—— house or go to your school every morning cause you have to go to school one f—— day.
  • And if your little sister is with you I will punch her too
  • Okay slut, You wanna be a hero, fine I will bring my cousin to your school tomorrow and you can say anything you want to my f—— face
  • I am coming to the school tomorrow morning

To Melanie

  • You are all pathetic and I hope you all rot in hell
  • You are a worthless piece of s—
  • You are a whore
  • You came from a f—– family and I guess its still in the generation
  • Go kill yourself
  • You are a fat sl–
  • I am going to bash you
  • Kill yourself
  • Sometimes to deal with sh– you have to drop a bitch
  • Like a hit to the face. You’re a pathetic m— and your church is a cult
  • You are a stupid fat ugly sl– and I hope you burn in hell dopey dawwwg

I received abuse too but I am not too worried about that. I was concerned for my wife and daughters. So this is what we did:-

  • We met as a family and decided that we should not respond to the person in question.
  • I rang a Policewoman who is a family friend and inquired as to what the law says about this stuff and she informed me that it’s a Federal offence to use a telecommunications carriage to threaten, intimidate, harass or abuse another person.
  • So I warned the person in question that if it continued, I would be going to the police.
  • I waited another three days and with the text and abusive phone calls and pranking continuing – up to 20 phones calls a day, I went to the police.  They advised that the best course of action was to take out an APVO:- An AVO made where the people involved are not related and do not have a domestic or personal relationship, for example, they are neighbours.
  • Melanie and I discussed this and decided that the threats were of a sufficient level that they presented a credible threat to the safety of our girls and so we proceeded with the application for the APVO. (This would go to court in 12 days time)
  • It was the next night however when the really specific threats came through and so I went back to the police and after viewing the screen shots of the threats, they decided to send a squad car around to the person’s house to warn them that they were breaking the law.
  • Ten days later, yesterday (22nd August 2013), the matter came up in court and we were issued an interim order for three months, with a review at the end of the three months.

I hope this concludes the matter.

If you are being bullied, tell someone, stand up against the bully.


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  1. i am so sorry to hear you guys are going thro such a horrid time with bullying. We have a world full of bullies & it’s more than time to make a stand against. I won’t go in to many details but my husband is being bullied by a board member in the club where he works & he’s just taking steps now to expose this person & deal with it. My son also is being bullied by the mother of his child & he has text & facebook messages calling him all sorts of horrific things … he is gay but doesn’t deserve the vicious attacks on his lifestyle choices or his character either ..this too is going to court. My heart aches for any1 who gets bullied because i personally have been a target all of my life too 😦 many prayers & much love to you & your beautiful family Peter 🙂 your new found friend in Christ Jesus our Lord …Lizz xx

  2. Ouch. That’s so sad man. People can be so horrible, I’ll pray for your daughters that they’ll get through this. 🙂

  3. Hi Peter so sorry to hear that your family have had to endure some torment and abuse nobody deserves to to be treated like this and so pleased that u have done something has been done about this person/ persons I will continue to pray for your family and for the people involved as they obviously have huge issues that need to be dealt with , glad you are all safe 🙂

  4. Amen Peter! My daughter was being bullied at school and was obviously not coping! She was reluctant to tell me the name of the perpetrators leaving life threatening text messages on her phone but eventually she did tell me. As a parent I would want to know if my kids were guilty of this,so I phoned the parents directly and informed them of what was going on. They were unaware and quite shocked and said they would do something a out it. I also contacted the school and without naming names told them what was happening and what action I took. They were grateful for being informed . Later that week at school a police officer came and talked to the students and told them the consequences of it was criminal offence. I am so pleased I took this action and would not hesitate to do it again because it did make the kids responsible accountable for their actions and my daughter felt valued and supported!

  5. Sorry to hear about the horrific abuse your family has been through, but under the circumstances, you did the right thing in going to the police. Bullies like that will keep going until someone stops them. All the best. Rod.

  6. I really hope that the apvo ends the matter for you. Sadly, in many cases, it doesn’t. In cases like this, no second chances. If they break the order, even once, act on it.
    Will be praying for you all.

  7. I am so sad that your family is going thru this Peter. Been there…done that. Our local bully gang physically attacked us, our home, I timid acted the neighbours, attempted to rape a local girl, stole from most of us, culminating in a vicious attack on my sons ( then aged 9 & 13.) with one boy pulling a knife. Police did zilch, until I found the particular officer was doing something he shouldn’t have and reported him. Big cover up. Threats and more threats. Court granted AVO on only one of the 4 boys involved….and yet it continued. Discovered that the police officer was related to the boys. Complained to the Opposition Juvenile Justice Minister who alerted the media. Today Tonight ran the story. It quietened down for a year because they left town……but now they are back and we still get some issues. Cops still don’t do anything….even when they have been caught in the act. I hope it all works out for you. We were prisoners in our home for 5 years. Don’t give up……push for some sort of legal resolution….if not…media helps some.
    Blessings to your family.

  8. Good for you PP proud of you and family for not taking this rubbish god bless you all love Ros

  9. Good on you Peter for standing up for your family. Clearly this person / family has serious issues in their lives ( and needs to get one).
    Don’t back down
    Don’t let this rubbish affect who you are! X

  10. Very very sad! Our family grieve with you, and yes I too have been a child victim with police involved, I was bashed and kicked, had my head flushed down a toilet to name some. What is sad is that most peoples responses here have all been affected in some way or another by the same thing. There are very few people I know who have never experienced this in some way or another. That gives me reason to be concerned about the behaviour of young people in the future. Not enough is being done to send a message its not OK! The laws need to get tougher. I am glad your girls know their value and worth doesn’t lie in the behaviour of these girls. Have been praying.

  11. Isaiah 54: 14 – 17


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