Subtle Ways We Bully Others–That We Should Be Careful We Don’t Do


I am saddened by the death of Charlotte Dawson. She famously battled depression and also battled with cyber bullies. We as a society need to stand up against bullies. Bullies of all forms in all circumstances.

I got to thinking though, when we speak of bullying we often think of kids being picked on in school or the cyber trolls preaching hate through anonymous twitter accounts. But bullying can happen in many smaller subtle ways – but its bullying all the same.

Subtle ways we bully:

  • Gossip
  • Giving People the Silent treatment
  • Criticism
  • Slandering their reputation
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Harsh words
  • Aggressively communicating to someone
  • Making a person the butt of jokes
  • Unflattering Nicnames
  • Constantly give dirty looks whenever someone walks into the room
  • Ignoring people
  • Devaluing people’s contribution
  • Speaking patronizingly about someone in the presence of others
  • Subtly sabotaging people’s efforts
  • Road rage

We, and I very much include myself here, need to examine the way we treat others and ensure we never are involved in Bullying others.

You may also be interested in reading these other posts I have written on Bullying, including a personal story of where my family was bullied:

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