5 Questions about the News today.

I write a Morning News Wrap each morning on Facebook. Here are some questions that I have been pondering on from the news today or from over the weekend.




1) Who pays for the search of the missing Malaysian Airlines Plane? With 14 countries involved the cost must be astronomical.

2) Is there an International Convention on who participates and who co-ordinates the search for a missing plane or boat: particularly when the countries have tension between them?

3) With the major political parties unable to form Government in their own right in South Australia, is it within the spirit of democracy that two people’s vote (the Independents) will now determine who will form Government.

4) Six cyclists injured in Sydney after a collision with a car – I suspect that that may have happened because the driver was texting ( I have no idea – just assuming). Here is the question – why can’t car makers install signal jamming devices in the steering wheel with a one metre reach: so the driver can’t get a signal to his phone but the passengers can?

5) Now that we find out the awful history of Daniel Morcombe’s killer, Brett Cowan – why can’t a person’s history be admissible in a trial as I would think it establishes character issues. Here is a blog I wrote on what I think of Cowan’s sentence.

6) 80,000 jobs were created in Australia in February which was the biggest monthly rise since 1991 (according to the Australian Newspaper) – yet the news reports we heard all through February were the 5000 jobs potentially going at Qantas and the 1000 jobs going if SPC goes under – so the pressure was on the Government to bail these companies out. Two questions. Firstly how come the media don’t make a big deal of the net 74,000 jobs that were created (assuming the worst for Qantas and SPC)? Secondly in a neo liberal capitalist democracy that we live in – why do we assume that the Government should bail out companies that through poor management or a changing operating environment are no longer financially viable?

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  1. Point 1 each country most likely pay through well established international treaties. International law bases on collaboration and obligation not enforcement.

    Point 2 see point 1 a long established tradition based on helping your neighbors. Plus international treaties and maybe the law of reciprocity.

    Point 3 yes it is a well established voting system may need adjusting but these outcomes are possible. Again each voter needs to know the implications of his vote, personnal responsibility. So yes it is fair in SA. The liberals have no right to complain they know the system they just didn’t campaign strategically. If labor is able to form government from this it means they are the ones who have confidence of the majority of seats regulars if some are through treaty.

    Point 4 best not assume need facts, under telecommunications act blocking devices are illegal they can do more harm than good. Comes down to personal responsibility.

    Point 5 well established conventions to ensure a person is not found guilty because of their past. Once you have paid your debt to society you should be able to start again. A biblical notion. One where they must be convicted on evidence.

    Point 6 media focus on negative because we respond to fear, they have to sell their message we all best put a mirror up and reflect. Example point 6 in this blog post what get mentioned a lot.

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