My Thoughts on the Sentence of Daniel Morcombe’s Killer:- Brett Cowan



I am outraged that Brett Cowan, the convicted killer of Daniel Morcombe, will be eligible for parole after twenty years. Twenty Years!!!!!!! for the molestation and murder of a young boy. Additionally we now find out that Cowan was a serial Pedophile with the following history (source The Daily Telegraph)

It can now be revealed that Cowan:

TOOK a seven-year-old boy from a playgroup and molested him in a toilet block, putting his hands around the boy’s throat when the distraught child threatened to tell his mother;

LEFT a second child, aged six, with horrific and life-threatening injuries after raping him in Darwin;

ADMITTED to abusing up to 30 children while a child himself by luring them into the change rooms of a local swimming pool;

SEXUALLY assaulted children in the lead-up to Daniel’s disappearance in a series of incidents not reported to police;

FORCED a girlfriend into a bizarre and violent kidnap and rape role play years after killing Daniel; and

SUBJECTED partners to violent sex acts, including repeatedly choking one into unconsciousness

Cowen is the worst of the worst in terms of criminals and yet our system of Justice seems impotent to protect the most vulnerable of our society. How many children’s lives does this man have to destroy before we lock him up for life? Surely he should have been kept in prison for longer than the pathetic couple of years he got for the first and second molestation offences? Would we describe his current sentence as a deterrent for other potential pedophiles: you would have to say No! The Scales of Justice seem at times to be biased toward the perpetrators when they should be biased toward protecting the innocent, the vulnerable, those who no longer have a voice. I understand that I don’t understand law, legal precent or legislation. I do however have some understanding of our responsibility to protect our children.

I will say how much I greatly admire Daniel’s parents, Bruce and Denise. I cannot begin to imagine the anguish and heartache that these two people have been through. Yet they have stayed committed to each other, focussed on getting justice for their son, and also focussed on bringing a message of child safety to other parents. I stand in awe of the Morcombes. They are an inspiring couple.





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  1. Thank you Peter, for putting into words what any loving caring parent would agree with emphatically! Where is Justice? Where does it reside?

    “Of war and hate and hunger, where children die each day
    And one can’t help but wonder ‘how did things get this way’?
    Multitudes are perishing, how the heart of God must weep
    When wealth and resources do abound, but life is held so cheap

    Seems we swimming in an ocean of despair
    Inside I find I’m screaming, ‘This simply isn’t fair’!
    Now I see the children, the little faces that I know
    I feel the horror of the parents, who wish this wasn’t so”
    Excerpt from ‘Where is Hope’, Lynne Drake

  2. and so say all of us!

  3. The Boundaries around the sentence rulings in QLD need to be addressed urgently, the judge used everything available to her disposal to give the maximum sentence and followed with, ” I don’t think you can change ever” A judge should have the rights to set precedents based on the crime and an observation where the system has failed, this would be that perfect time. May God Bless the Morcombe family.

  4. This sick man has a holiday house where hundreds of families holiday ….so glad my ex husband saw this man was sick and warned me to keep our children at close distance… many other children did get harmed by him !!!????

  5. after seeing the toll it took in the lives of Ebony Simpsons parents & brothers which tore them all apart, it is a true testimony to healing & moving forward that Daniels parents have shown. Although i know that they can never be truly whole again they are courageous , amazing people. Like i said in your news wrap yesterday i believe in the death sentence for a cruel being like brett cowan …. he is a blight on our society & doesn’t deserve to live ! It’s just my opinion because i still believe in an eye for an eye !!

  6. For Christians who want to pray into this situation. I have read court-filed affidavits on a satanic pedophile/homosexual/sex cult operating in Brisbane which reaches into the police, judiciary and church. Cowan might not be operating alone. The affidavits alleged that other people may have been involved with Daniel Morcombe. These affidavits, presented to court by a barrister about two years ago, seem to have have been ignored. These cults are dangerous for obvious reasons, but they can also corrupt government in general by compromising key people, based on their sexual vulnerabilities. A free e-book at Abel called “Lesbian cults, pedophile oaths and the guild of patented hits” will shed a lot of light on this evil that afflicts most societies.

  7. Thankyou for posting this. It is true that this animal should have been locked up for at least 20 years for each of his other rape comvictions. Had he been it might have saved this poor childs life. I think the people involved in his eralier sentencing have a lot to answer for. Praise to law enforcement operators that never gave up on this case. I cant believe hes eligible for parole in 20 years. There is nothing more evil or heinois than this murder but according to our justice system he could be free in 20 years. Has the world lost its sense of right and wrong. Maybe vigilantees will begin to fill the necessary voids the courts and prisons neglect to fill.

  8. That comment by shannon is so wrong and innappropriate


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