A Philosophical Examination of: Are The Burgers Better at Hungry Jacks?

hungry jacks

I heard on the radio, as I was driving back from Sydney that apparently The Burgers are Better at Hungry Jacks.  Made me think about this statement and ask some questions as I drove.

  • What type of burgers are we talking about here?
  • Does this include Vegetarian Burgers?
  • When is a burger not a burger – like if I ask for a burger with no meat, no lettuce, and no tomato – is it still a burger?
  • What determines that the burgers are better?
  • Is the determination based on nutritional value?
  • Or is purely on taste?
  • What if I am gluten free and can’t eat the burger – are they still better – kind of along the line of if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there – does it make a sound?
  • Is it based on the whole experience or just purely on the burger? Like for instance if the coke is flat does that reduce the score of the burger?
  • What are the credentials of the people making the conclusion that the burgers are better?
  • Is there an Australian Standard for making better burgers and is this criteria public?
  • What does God think about the burgers?
  • Are bad burgers the result of a burger devil?
  • Is the burger devil Hamburglar?
  • Do better burgers actually exist or are they like the illusive perfect wave for surfers – you are never satisfied?
  • Is our desire for better burgers a result of the brainwashing of slick marketing campaigns?
  • Should we really care about how good burgers are when there is pain in the world?
  • Is the better burgers campaign racist based? What about the countries where the indigenous population don’t eat burgers – are they excluded simply because we neo liberal capitalists demand burgers?
  • Is the taste of the burgers somehow related to the cost of the burgers?
  • Of course the question is if the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks – better than what?
  • Is it better to eat a burger not from Hungry Jacks that may be not as good, as opposed to never eating a burger at all?
  • Do better burgers produce true happiness?
  • Should we live in a world where there is equality between burgers?
  • Does the cow care if it’s made into a burger at Hungry Jacks or not?
  • Who is Jack?
  • Why is he hungry?
  • Why doesn’t Jack eat his own burgers thereby becoming Satisfied Jacks.
  • Would the burgers be even better if they added chocolate?
  • If I had a week to live – would I have a Hungry Jacks burger on my Bucket List?
  • Does the discovery of the God Particle change our judgment on just how good Hungry Jacks burgers are?
  • Should we spend time blogging about better burgers?

And the answer to the last question is clearly yes

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4 replies

  1. somewhat bored I see Peter??

  2. If I were a cow and was to become a burger, I would hope to be a Hungry Jacks burger…

  3. “Satisfied Jack”…that cracked me up! I can see all the signage being changed once HJs gets a hold of this post 😉

  4. Jack was the name of the guy who took out the Burger King franchise for the whole of Australia back in the 1970’s. He couldn’t call them Burger King as there was a greasy spoon cafe called Burger King who took Jack to court to stop them. The greasy spoon cafe no longer exists, and Jack sold the franchise many years ago, but the name lives on.

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