Peter Pilt’s Strong Opinion on the Federal Liberal Party Leadership Challenge by Malcolm Turnbull


Today, 14th September 2015, Malcolm Turnbull announced that he will be challenging for the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party and therefore putting himself forward as the alternative Prime Minister of the nation of Australia. Turnbull cites 30 lost Opinion Polls as showing ‘that the people have spoken’ and they want a different Prime Minister. Now I am not a blind fan of Tony Abbott. I think there has been some significant leadership stuffs ups over the last two years, but the last time I checked, Australia is a democracy where the Australian people have their say who they want to lead them for the next term of Parliament, through the Ballot Box. Both the Liberals and the Australian Labor Party are disempowering the democratic process, rejecting the national vote and therefore the will of the people and are elevating populist politics to the realm of political deification. What Australia needs is a statesman, not a politician who worships at the altar of the Opinion Poll:- Nor a political party who willingly sacrifice an elected leader on that altar.

In 27 years of voting, my opinion has always proudly been stated through my vote. In 27 years my opinion has never ever been asked in an Opinion Poll, but I find that the Australian people elected Kevin Rudd and ended up with Julia Gillard, they then elected Julia Gillard and ended up with Kevin Rudd and now they elected Tony Abbott and it looks like they will end up with Malcom Turnbull…… I say no no no. Democracy is not played out through a survey of 1500 people. This not family Feud where we survey 100 people and come up with the top leader….Come on Australia. Our political process and our political system has to be more robust and operated with a higher level of stature and intelligence than what we have been force fed since 2007.

I am not pro Abbott or pro Turnbull in this post. I am pro a strong democratic process where my vote and the vote of my fellow Australians is respected and honored by those elected.

And that’s what I think.


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  1. I agree with you Peter. Tony is not perfect but the same will be said of Malcolm.

  2. Totally agree Peter. I really appreciate our democratic system; I value my freedom to vote how I consider to be appropriate at that time. If we cannot allow the elected party, and Leader, the term chosen by the people, then what is the point of having voting at all? And where the hell are we heading for in the future?

  3. I totally agree with you Peter. Well said!!

  4. I take the point and I acknowledge the damage in confidence that happens as a result of these events. However we have to remember that, political games aside (as if that’s really possible) there is nothing untoward with this procedure. Our democratic process enables us to elect a local representative, not a head of state (i.e. President). That representative then gets to lend their support (vote) toward the formation of a government. But yes, it does come down to who promised what.

  5. I think that you need to look at our democracy. We do not vote for nor do we elect a Prime Minister, you vote in our own electorate for our own Member of Parliament. That member then votes for their leader who becomes Leader of the Opposition or Prime Minister. We, the people, do NOT elect a Prime minister

  6. I agree. See my post. I wonder what Bolt will have to say? Poles are biased and only a minority. The real question is who is driving from the back seat? Also this is the man who thought that an 80 year old corroding copper network is better than fibre optics.

  7. I agree PPP.
    Liberals are no better than Labor now

  8. Not my opinion, so who’s??? The media??? Does this mean politicians are looking for a way to null & void my vote?? My vote is already given away as a preference. When will the majority really have a say??? So what happens when the opinion polls don’t go up???

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