Two Thoughts (one probably controversial) re the situation in Penrith where a baby was burned in the Shower


We were all horrified at news reports a couple of days ok coming out of Penrith where a man put a 10 month old baby on the floor of a shower and turned the hot water on. The man then went outside for a smoke. The baby is currently fighting for life in an induced coma with third degree burns to half his body. He also has bruising to his skull and jaw.

The cause:- the baby had thrown up.

So who is this man who would do such a thing?

I quote Laura Banks writing in the Daily Telegraph. (November 24th Page 2).

“Unemployed and living on welfare, the accused had recently resumed custody of his own son (not this baby) after the child was taken away by the Department of Corrective Services, which refused to comment on the case. It is understood that the man and baby were the only two home at the time of the incident on Sunday and that the man had been dating the baby’s mother for the last five months.

The court heard he had a long history of violence.

Court documents revealed that in the last five years he had been charged with six counts of common assault, two of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two of occasioning grievous bodily harm and affray. He was handed a suspended sentence for a reckless wounding charge in 2012”.

Now two things come out of this for me.

1) I don’t know the chronology of these charges but if that all happened in the last five years you have to wonder why he wasn’t in jail and why the suspended sentence in 2012 wasn’t converted to a custodial sentence if any of these events occurred post 2012. Is this another example of the Judicial system failing the community, the police and may I even say Aussie kids?

2) I wonder if the mother knew she was living with a violent man. May I suggest that men convicted of violent crimes should be put on a register similar to the sex offenders register so that women can have access to information and can better protect themselves and their children. I remember a South Australian case earlier this year where a man with a violent history made a four year old girl ride a motor bike around and around the backyard. She kept falling off. She later died from her injuries and further evidence showed she had been being physically abused for a while. Authorities knew of his violent history but couldn’t tell the mother due to privacy laws and a little girl dies a painful and needless death as a result. Maybe people should understand that once you violate a person’s physical health you give up the right to privacy. Particularly when you embed yourself into a family who trusts you, loves you and looks to you as protector.

A Violent Offenders Registry would be one way a family could at least see the history of the person that they are inviting into their home.

Australia is increasing becoming a nanny state. Everything is regulated, licensed, banned, or dialed down so we are all safe. Yet the areas where authorities do need to step in, they seem unwilling. Apparently whether my fireplace has a permit or not carries more weight, or whether I paid a levy so I can throw a fishing line into the water has Big Brother frothing at the mouth. Whether a single mother’s kids are safe in the presence of her new boyfriend:- privacy is the all powerful god we worship here.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Ps Peter

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7 replies

  1. Totally agree, the poor innocent children!

  2. Agree 100% Pete. A violent offender’s registry would be a fantastic weapon in the fight against domestic violence. I’m ashamed to say my first thought when I heard this story was “where was the mother?”, but why would the mother NOT trust this man with her baby? He had been deemed a suitable parent by DOCs and probably acted like a model father in the lead-up to that decision. It’s beyond belief that our laws value the privacy of these monsters more than the lives of the innocent.

  3. DOCS don’t care if it means one more child of their books. It is being proved over and over again.
    The sex offenders registry is only good for those that have been caught and convicted which in a lot of cases doesn’t happen. So why would a violent offenders registry work.
    How many of these people would actually look at the offenders list when they “fall in love” with these mongrels.
    How often had this man harmed her baby and she turned a blind eye to what was happening. So many of these cases the mother or egg donor turns a blind eye because she “loves” him.
    Did he act like a model father.
    So many questions can be raised.
    Is he the father of the precious child.
    Now who gets custody of his other child, because from what i understand, all he was worried about was the mother finding out and him not getting custody of his son.
    Soon some bleeding heart will come along and say he was under stress and any other bit of garbage they can use to try blame someone else for his disgusting behaviour.

    Yes I am cynical.

    And yes Peter they care more about fishing permits and fireplaces that could be dangerous according to authorities. Probably because they generate more revenue for the powers that be.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! Well said.

  5. I am curious to know if the mothers had any idea what was happening to their children. I cannot believe that these guys show such restraint and only unleash when the mother isn’t there. There are always red flags, i am not laying the blame solely at the mother’s feet but surely they must have seen, felt, heard, something.
    To my mind, they should be held accountable. It is the children who suffer, they don’t ask for it, they just have the misfortune to be in a situation that they have no control over. The mothers suffer the pain of loss and regret, and the perpetrator? Well, who knows?

  6. I am so tired of these morons being let off crimes, only to do the same or worse again. For crying out loud make the courts accountable for letting people off all the time. Make them pay the proper price and keep them locked up. Protect the innocent people.

  7. I agree with all you said

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