Morning News Wrap for Monday 11th January 2016



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Global to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News;

What if the news stories got mixed up.

Canadian Toddler Lamar Odum has upset protestors in Germany because he tried to climb a stop sign in North Korea with an aerosol can and a 183 year old sneezing James Packer strapped to his back. At the same time a deformed Somalia Tortoise named Ulla and migrating to Vanuatu from New York has been killed in an airstrike that has cost United Airlines $1.3 billion. Unfortunately the Dakar Rally currently being held in San Francisco has been killed by a van driven by missing yachtsman Dick Smith

Here are the real stories.

Van thief arrested after leaving a trail of destruction on Melbourne Freeway.

Two people confirmed dead as the fire threat eases in WA.

A man who lit fires in Sydney Bush land yesterday assaulted a police officer and a fireman as he was arrested.

Body of missing NSW Yachtsman found.

Raymond Terrace toddler burned in aerosol can explosion.

Three people have been killed and six injured when a car crashed into a bus in Adelaide.

Dick Smith stores wont honor gift cards.

James Packer almost thrown out of his own casino….Want a sure bet that the security guard that did that wont work at the Casino in a month.

More than 100 people injured after powerful waves pummel visitors at Sydney’s popular Figure Eight rock pools.

Koala climbing a stop sign goes viral….proving that people have no life and the Koala is just confused as to what a tree looks like. Probably too many gum leaf shots.See Pic.

US Bomber flies over South Korea as a show of force after North Korea detonated a Nuclear Bomb. Oh I bet that scared them.

Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of Cologne, Germany, following scores of coordinated sexual assaults against women perpetrated by Asylum Seekers.

One suspect in custody after United Airlines flight diverted to Canada over security concern.

A woman in the US has been charged with battery after sneezing into the face of the courtroom bailoff.

ISIL commander killed in airstrike.

San Francisco train passenger shot dead.

US Powerpoint Jackpot has hit $1.3 billion…..Greece has been buying a lot of tickets…

Deformed Mountain Lion found in the US is a mystery. See Pic.

CNN Headline reads 12 things to do in New York before you die… you arrive and have 16 hours before you die and here are 12 things you can try and squeeze into those last 16 hours.

Lamar Odom leaves hospital.

183 year old tortoise gets new lease on life after a new diet.

122 Migrants dies in Somalia boat tragedy but the world gets excited about a Koala climbing a stop sign in Australia.

Vanuatu on red alert as Cyclone Ula nears.

Spectator killed in Dakar Rally.

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the last allied troop leaving Gallipoli.

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