Morning News Wrap for Thursday 14th January 2016

M68!: Morning News Wrap: From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News with smatterings of attitude:

The Australia Day Lamb ads have had 300 complaints lodged because of the way vegans are portrayed.

No one wants to buy the house in the US where the movie Silence of the Lambs was filmed leading the owners to drop the price…..There is a good link between these two stories I just can’t find it.

Silence of the Vegans?

Kyrgios quits Kooyong with foot injury….Poor little Nick’s toe hurt.

Apparently the mid life crisis is a myth. Dam I was hoping to buy a Harley Davidson, get my nipple pierced and get an ancient saying by Confucius tattooed across my chest in Hebrew. Just kidding….I would never buy a Harley Davidson.

More Charges laid over the Cheng Murder.( The Parramatta Police Accountant.)

Five Aussies including two children have died in a road crash in India. They were travelling to the Taj Mahal. Feeling sad for their family. They were from Adelaide.

The Grandfather of the family in the last story has died of shock when he heard the news.

Plans are in place for Iran to return Sailors to a US Navy Vessel in International Waters.

Islamic State blamed for Istanbul Blast.

North Korea wants treaty with the US…..Yeah and I want Nutella coated Bacon but neither are going to happen before February.

Justin Bieber has been kicked out of a Mexican Historic site for pulling down his underwear.

Former EastEnders actress Sian Blake and her sons have been found murdered in the garden of their home.

Ricky Gervais says he won’t apologise for being a moron with severe dipstick tendencies….ok I paraphrased this a little.

A plot was foiled to kidnap Obama’s dog……They can have my dog. Just sayin. Bindi come here for a minute…..go with the nice balaclava clad gentlemen.

Serial Killer Robert Black dies in jail…… Yeah I hadn’t heard of him either. It’s a Europe thing. Actually Ireland. Anyway I read some stuff. Don’t Google him. You don’t want that stuff in your head.

One dead and five missing in horror avalanche in French Alps

Have an awesome day.

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