This week marks six months of the Turnbull Govt: My Thoughts About That! And They Aint Pretty!


This week marks six months of the Turnbull Govt. When he knifed Abbott I was ticked that the Liberal Govt had sunk to the same level as the ALP on knifing a first term PM. I was lambasted. Told I suck as a human. (Got to love a social media debate).  So all those who told me how awesome it was that Turnbull was now PM:- please now tell me what difference Turnbull has made?

I am very curious.

As from my perspective Turnbull has been a beige political leader: he has made NO difference. Oh we have have a lot of rhetoric about the change to the GST which ultimately came to nothing. But gee didn’t that suck up a lot of media attention for three weeks and then wasn’t it Turnbull who came out and killed it: So what was all that about? Oh that’s right, that was about taking the media attention away from the VACUUM that is Turnbull’s policy and strategy for the nation of Australia.  I wasn’t an Abbott fan but certainly am a fan of due process. I can’t wait to hear from all the Turnbull supporters.( Which apparently are in steady decline according to the latest newspoll).  You know….all of you who commented about how awesome it was that Abbott was gone…just look at your Facebook memories to remind yourself of the comments that you made……oh I so should repost them.


Please inform me how Malcolm Turnbull is a better PM than Tony Abbott?

I can hardly contain my excitement about all the great things that I am about to hear……no it won’t be crickets……ok I suspect it will be crickets……but surely when Turnbull became PM he had a plan that he has over the last 6 months outlined to the Australian People….which I clearly missed as I have been really busy…….so Aussies, tell me about this great PM that we currently have…..


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  1. “all those who told me how awesome it was that Turnbull was now PM”

    People seem to latch onto the “new” thinking it’s going to be better don’t they, whether a new model phone, new model car or new PM. Reality comes quickly though.

  2. I love reading your posts Pete. I generally have a very limited interest in things political, but since reading your thoughts on matters concerning every one of us no matter how deeply we bury our heads in the sand, I’m finding I’m learning to actually think about these things and maybe even form an opinion of my own. I love your posts because they make me think. So thank you for not being silenced by the vitriol that so often stains social media debate. Passion is often a necessity before any significant change. Bravo!

  3. Very interesting words from Miranda Devine today in Sunday paper column 13/3/16…Mr Turnball has never been a man without a plan..I think she has hit the nail on the head…Very good reading..

  4. Turnbull is no different than Gillard. Your comment he is beige underestimates him. He is more off white to cream. He hasn’t made any statement or shown direction because he wants the people to vote him in for four years. Once he’s PM elect the people of Australia are going to wish Trump was our PM or worse Clive Palmer. Smooth Turnbull has a hidden trump card yet to be revealed. Praise the Lord God is in control.

    • Kathryn Smith I agree I had never thought about it from this angle before Amanda Devine says Malcolm Turnbull has NEVER been a man without a plan..She believes he wants to join with greens ( he is a greenie ) will bring in gay marriage , take us to a republic and be our first president..A lot of reason to keep declaring Jesus as Lord over all. We are the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit..Our God Reigns..

  5. Turnbull didn’t get the job because he was better… He got the job because he couldn’t do worse…. I personally miss the international humiliation that came from Tony Abbots mouth… A true meat head bogan… I’m sure he’d be a funny fella down the pub but a complete tool when it comes to global relationships…. What did you expect to change? It’s the same political party….

  6. Support your thoughts wholeheartedly ! I am not a Turnbull fan, and I sooo want to see a govt for Australia that has Godly principles and stands firm in those plans and purposes. Still praying that God will continue to care for us all!

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  7. I was pretty obsessed with politics to the point my Wife claimed that my hobby was politics. The night Tony Abbott was removed as our elected Prime Minister I felt sick. I cancelled my subscription to The Australian and basically turned off politics. It is unpleasant to find myself in such a position but I will NOT be voting conservative whilst Turnbull leads or is in the Liberal Party. The way Mr Abbott was undermined by Missss Julie Bishop, Warren Enstch and others was nothing short of disgraceful. The funniest thing about this sordid situation is that those that carried on in such an underhanded way are still legally referred to as the Honourable member of parliament. Turnbull as a man is simply a self serving devious grub.

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