Peter Pilt’s Photo Blog on the Damage to Fiji

I am in Fiji at the moment as the National Director of Global Care and Team leader for the first team of builders that have come over to help with the rebuild. Yesterday after setting the team up, Ps Sevu, who is the INC National Chairman and I circumnavigated the entire main island of Fiji (about nine hours of driving). The main area of devastation from Cyclone Winston is on the North East part of the nation. We drove for nearly 4 hours to go from where the destruction starts to where it finishes.

Here are some of my observations.

  1. I would have seen about 50 homes that just are completely gone.
  2. This is an estimate but I would say I saw over 500 homes with blue tarps on their roof.
  3. Most of the schools I saw, about 20, were all damaged.
  4. I saw a motel with no roof at all.
  5. I saw a maternity hospital in the same condition as the motel.
  6. This is not to say they are not here, but in all my driving I only saw one other team, apart from the Global Care team, working on a roof and that was a school roof.
  7. Looking at the vegetation alone, see the pics, just shows you the ferocity of the storm.

Here are some Pics.














I love the fact that INC and Global Care can be involved in helping the people of Fiji

Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. Oh my goodness, binge back some memories for me of Tanna, good to see some regrow th on the trees already.. Hope these photos rock the world into action… This nation needs help!

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