Apparently Sexual Abuse of a Child is Ok: #Madonna #RolfHarris: Hastag Society Has Messed up Double Standards




Imagine if I walked up to a young teenage schoolgirl, aged 17, and ripped open her shirt without her permission, (actually whether I have her permission or not is irrelevant) exposing her braless breast. As a 46 year old male, this behaviour would be deemed to be wrong on every level, and so it should it be. I would be charged, sacked from my current role and I would even suggest probably divorced. And rightly so. Totally unacceptable behaviour.

Imagine if instead of being a 46 year old male, I am a 57 year old female rock star called Madonna. Then apparently it’s ok for me to expose a 17 year old girl’s breast to 10,000 people on stage at her Brisbane concert last night (17th March 2016), without the child’s permission.

And we wonder why society is so messed up?

Whether Madonna or myself, expose an underage girl’s breast to 10,000 people or to no one else but her and the exposer, its wrong on every single level. Just wrong.

The fact that the young lady (read aka child) has come out in defence of the exposure is alarming, sad and disempowering to women. (And may I suggest children.)

Why would she celebrate this? Why do we get outraged at child sexual assault but think it’s ok if the assault happens at a concert and involves someone famous. #rolfharris

Anyway that’s what I think.

Had Madonna done that to my daughter who recently turned 18, I would have gone after her in every avenue possible.


Dear Society,

Don’t have double standards on sexual assault. It ultimately causes people to be hurt. And when I mention people, I mean children, and when I mention hurt, I mean, seriously messed up.

So think through your reaction to Madonna, and then just remember Rolf Harris…….Oh so its different if the abuser is a female……ok roger that.

Just simply no.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Ps Peter Pilt

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10 replies

  1. Well said Peter. I certainly agree.

  2. I read about this in the paper today, picture included, and had a multitude of thoughts and emotions. One being anger that just because she is Madonna and a female it has not been viewed for what it really is. Double standards and very serious perverted behaviour that models wrong messages to our younger generation. Thanks Pete for Blogging about this.

  3. Yep, that’s the truth, Peter.

  4. I’m guessing that this is one of these “frog in warming up water” things Pete (even though that’s a myth:

    From what I can see we’ve been getting worse in our sexual behaviour since WWII, trouble is the sins of the parent are normal for the child so to “sin” they have to do worse.

    And anyway how does anyone know what’s right and wrong unless they’re told? And how many churches teach their congregation what’s right and wrong let alone have to courage to teach these things to the world. (Even today’s “Gospel” is along the lines of “You’ve made mistakes but do you want to get to know God better?” as opposed to “You are a sinner but Jesus has died for the sins of the world and God requires you to repent of your sin”).

    I’ve heard of Christians ask for (and I suspect get) prayer for something which in my opinion is obviously sinful; one of us is wrong but as I haven’t heard it publicly mentioned by the (my) church ……

  5. This is the “Illuminati” out in the open. We were warned of this many years ago and called conspiracy theorists. It;s a brazen and open attack on the notion of public and private morality by a priestess of this so-called Illuminati.

  6. I understand what you are trying to say, and yes it’s wrong what Madonna did but I wouldn’t suggest it is in any way the same league as the type of sexual abuse Rolf Harris was charged with. The 17 year old (I wouldn’t really call her a child) is likely to do stuff like that with her friends at a party – should they all be arrested? Similarly, for me sexual abuse is about the act of being a predator – this is a huge defining difference between Madonna and Rolf Harris. Ultimately, I feel this blog post was written to cash in on a trending item rather than add to a complex narrative.

    • Alexandra, I do agree with you that there is a massive difference between this incident and Rolf Harris. Except that the cult of celebrity is what allowed people like Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and even Bill Crosby to do what they did.

      Legally this girl is still a child and the law looks down on an adult doing anything sexual with a minor.

      Or have we as a society so sexualised our children that this happens and we all don’t bat an eye lid?

      For the record there is no cashing in on this blog….I simply write what I think about things which is what a blog is. If you want to see my contributions to a complex narrative, then read some of the research papers that are also posted on this site on Female Genital Mutilation or the Child sex slave trade.

  7. Did you happen to see the young girl being interviewed on The Project. I hope you get a chance to see it as the girl says she is a model, very comfortable with her body, and that it was an ‘accident’ ,Madonna didn’t mean to do it, that her finger got caught on a nipple ring that was attached to her top. I wonder how much she was paid to excuse this kind of behavior, because that’s the only thing I could think of after watching it. She kept repeating how she couldn’t believe that people were making “such a big deal about nothing.”
    How very sad that a child thinks like this, that her breast is there for all to view, with no thought of the consequences.

  8. I think we can be outraged AND affirm the child’s words. She said she only had a choice to decide whether she was not hurt or upset by it. And that’s true, and wise. But society should probably prosecute. Because to me, it looks deliberate…. and unintentionally or not sends a message that it’s OK for others.

  9. Double standards are all around us, often sneaking inside our life & world like a spreading infestation of fleas. Do we even notice it anymore? Personally, I grieve over the loss of role models, the days when successful sports people were the heroes of our youth. Now debauchery is flaunted on every street corner and our youth, being subjected to it even in school playgrounds, brawl on busy streets, drink till their brains are fried, drugged out until they fall out, fail or die while, eventually, it hits our own homes and then we look dazed & shocked wondering ‘how did that happen’? Take a good look at what is counted as ‘acceptable’ just because a public figure has indicated it should be just because they said it is alright?

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