Today (14th November 2016) I Visited Grantham–The Scene of the 2011 Flash Floods: Photos Then and Now.

Today  I drove through the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, stopping in the Town of Grantham. The last time I was in Grantham was just days after the devastating flash flood that swept a lot of the town away and killed 12 people. Global Care spent over 2 years in the town helping in the rebuild.

I stopped at the memorial and remembered the devastation that I saw as I drove into the town in January of 2011. It was a sight that I will never forget.

I then drove down one of the streets in Grantham that had been hardest hit. I remember authorities speaking in the weeks after the flood, that they were going to move the town up onto high ground. Well they have. Here are some pics of the street five years ago and today. All these pics are taken in the same street.












Photos taken today






In another street close by – Then and Now.





Great to see the Town is healing and building back in a more resilient location. The Aussie spirit triumphs in disasters as organisations like Global Care, Government Bodies and local communities work together to clean up, heal and rebuild.


Some Photos of Global Care at work in Grantham in the first few days.











For more information on Global Care please Click Here or find us on Facebook.


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