Loyalty Means Absolutely Nothing to Corporate Australia. Be Disloyal to Save Money.



Here is something I don’t understand about Corporate Australia.

A general understanding of retaining clients or customers is that it’s a lot cheaper to retain them than to win new ones. So I am constantly surprised that loyalty holds no currency.

Let me share some recent stories.

I was renting a house here on the Gold Coast where the owners  of the house were friends. So they had kept their Telstra Internet account open and so when I moved in I instantly had net access. (I just reimbursed them each month). But here’s the thing. I was paying $103 a month for 200gigs. But we kept exceeding the 200 gigs and getting throttled back. So in frustration I rang Telstra (after 8 months) and found out that if I cancel the account and join Telstra as a new customer, I can get 1000 gigs a month for $98. So for $5 less a month, I get 5 times the download limit. So I did this. Yes they got a new customer but they lost a long term one.

Let’s chat about Electricity.

I have had a Click Energy Account for 5 years. When I moved to the Gold Coast I kept my account in Nowra, and opened an account for my Gold Coast rental…..Now that I have moved into another house I have decided to go with Origin Energy. So today Click Energy rang me to offer me cheaper electricity to entice me back (And then emailed, see Pic above). I asked the “Client Relations Operator” how come they didn’t offer me cheaper electricity as a longer term customer.  They couldn’t explain this to me. I declined the cheaper offer out of principle. But trust me in a year I will be moving from Origin Energy and looking for the latest and greatest offer as I know Origin will screw me over too…..I used to be with them before Click.

Let’s talk about Foxtel.

When I left Nowra, I cancelled my Foxtel account. I was paying about $130 a month for cable TV. I rang Fox and asked them to cancel the account that I had had for over 10 years. I was asked if I was going to have Foxtel at the Gold Coast (and I must admit I bluffed here and said that there was so much rich content on the internet that probably not). The Foxtel operator ended up signing me up for what I currently had in Nowra for the Gold Coast address for just under $50 a month less.

So here is what I recommend to people.

Change your home service suppliers at least once a year. Internet, Mobile Phone, Electricity, Gas, Pool Supplies, Mower Man, Security (if you have that). Your loyalty means you are being financially screwed over. People who swap regularly are people who getting the best news deals.

Anyway, that’s what I think.

Ps Peter Pilt

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