Kind Of An Open Letter To The Many Recent Former Prime Ministers of Australia.


Dear Multitude of Former PMs,

Ok my opening greeting makes an aggressive statement about the ridiculous political situation that is Australian Democracy. I don’t blame you.

Actually I do blame you….Anyway let’s move on….

Hello to you all and at the same time shame on you for your role in changing Australia’s political system from one of those envied by the Western World to one of those that at best is fodder for Insta memes. Hey Australia it’s only two Prime Ministers till Christmas. See Pic.

Oh, forget the humour….the serious issue is that we have not had one Prime Minister who has been allowed to serve a full term BY THEIR OWN PARTY, since John Howard, who was voted out in 2006. (I bet many regret voting against his Government now).

I am writing this blog in Hawaii listening to a Sydney radio interview with Kevin Rudd, just after my phone alerted me to a news story where Malcolm Turnbull declared he was no longer a Liberal.

Seriously former Prime Ministers….SHUT THE HELL UP…

Now I say that with the same amount of respect that you are showing the Political Parties that you were part of, your former colleagues and your ‘fellow Australians’….Actually I lie, if I really did show you the same respect that you have shown us and the political process, there would be way more hard core swearing….but seeing I don’t do that….I will leave my statement as is.

Here is my issue.

Why can’t you just retire? Surely we the tax payers give you enough money to do so?

We have Rudd who not only not retired but knifed his knifer and tried a second time round at being PM….which then allowed Australians to explain what they thought about that, and voted him out at their earliest convenience. But before that, Rudd had white anted his leader and his party more than a termites nest full of termites on Red Bull….and oh they already had wings. He had given the ALP more leaks than the Titanic. He had undermined his leader with more devastation than a sink hole in Guatemala. He had pulled the rug out from his leader quicker than a rug sale in Lakemba. He had caused a crash in the opinion polls faster than the stocks of milk formula plunge on a Saturday morning in any Woolworths in Sydney.

Well you get the idea.  And I had more….but we need to move on.

Oh Oh and then Rudd during the interview this morning says that he believed that he ‘left the place better than he found it’. Ha ha. I am laughing harder than when I saw that Zimbabwe was holding ‘fair’ elections: Laughing harder than when Hilary Clinton said she was shocked she didn’t didn’t win the Presidential Campaign…Anyway.

On what planet is Rudd on….? He and Gillard triggered a demise in Australian Democracy that is yet to be finally outplayed.

We then had Abbott, who also got knifed and has then spent years damaging his leader and his party…and is still there being the Ninja Termite. And for the record he has about as much stealth as the North Korean Nuclear Program, or the Russian involvement in the US Elections or as much stealth as Trump’s hair spray consultant.

And now Turnbull, who initially had my respect as he said that former PM’s should bow out of Politics, famously mentioning the ghosts of previous PMs who continually input into Aussie Politics, has himself become the poster boy for Australia’s Ghost Protocol.

Well now Mr Turnbull, your ghost has been more active than the demons on Halloween. You were conspicuously absent and silent during the bi-election for your seat….but you did like a tweet from the Independent candidate which seemed tiny…but made a huge statement. Well today you have come out saying you are no longer a Liberal. Well if this is the case, good for you….but you don’t need to make an announcement, unless your aim was to damage your former party…which clearly it was. You are not living by your own standards Mr Turnbull, but then looking at your policies whilst you were PM and your announced Catholic background, I suggest most of your policies were against your values.

So there is someone absent in this blog. Julia Gillard…..what is she up to? What is her opinion on Morrison? What does she think about Trump? I have no idea…..And for that I applaud her. Maybe of all this multitude….she is of them most integral as a former PM.

Anyway that’s what I think…..And now since its October 24th….its just 2 months and 1 day till Christmas…..So just two Prime Ministers till Christmas.


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  1. In case you missed Julia is working for Beyond Blue

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