Peter Pilt’s Thoughts On The Israel Folau Issue

Here is what I think about the Israel Folau issue. I wasn’t going to write any more blogs on the issues surrounding him, but today his Go Fund Me page was taken down and so I wanted to write a bit of a summary blog on how I view the entire issue.

1) The Death Of Free Speech

I have lamented the death of Free Speech in Australia for the last few years. Now as a point of clarification, Australia does not have Free Speech enshrined in their constitution like the Americans do. In fact, the only social freedom that’s guaranteed in our constitution is religion. (Which I have to say in under extreme threat right now). Australia doesn’t have a bill of rights, which is where free speech usually gets defined and protected in most Western Democracies. It’s also not incorporated in any Federal legislation. Instead Free Speech is only a common law, which was adopted from the Westminster System from the UK, which means it’s a pretty loosely defined concept. However, having said all that, Australia has operated under what I would term ‘assumed Free Speech’ due to it being a Western Democracy, free from tyranny and Dictatorships.

But the Folau furore is illustrative of a deeper cancer that has developed under the surface of our current leftist leaning societal context that we now find ourselves living in. This is how Free Speech is now defined in Australia…..You can say anything you want as long as you agree with what we say. Folau made the mistake of having an opinion, (and stating that opinion), that is contrary to what the current definers of society deem to be acceptable. See these current definers of society only will accept people who are in complete agreement with their ideology and to be counter to their ideology makes you an enemy of the state…..Oh darn, I have just realised that my comment earlier that we as a Western Democracy are free from tyranny and Dictatorships is wrong…..Its just that Australia doesn’t have a named Dictator but rather an Ideology is now firmly running our country.

And in true Dictator style, this Ideology demands complete compliance without exception. Let’s talk about Margaret Court for a moment. A champion of Australian Tennis. A pioneer for women in Australia and women in leadership. Thus a Sports Arena in Melbourne was named after her….But then she committed a Speech Crime. She had an opinion that was contrary to the Dictatorship that is running our nation and so she was vilified, bullied, received death threats and there was a push to remove her name from the Arena…..Wait what……Was she a rapist, a serial murder, did she hurt children????? No she offended our Dictator and his minions called for her blood.

2) I don’t agree with Folau’s methodology but doesn’t he have a right to say what he thinks based on his faith?

I actually think Folau could have been wiser in the way he preached about his faith and convictions. Knowing it was a potential issue for his Rugby contract, he could have used a bit more wisdom in the execution of his faith.

And whilst the furore is over his comments about homosexuality (and to be fair other sins), my issue is around the concept of people taking offence at his quoting the bible. What if I quote John 14:6 ‘I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.’ This is a fairly exclusive scripture. I am quoting Jesus saying that no one gets to heaven unless they have a relationship with Him. Do people take offense to that? I remember seeing an clip from an Oprah show, where Oprah was highly offended that an audience member said that there is only one way to get to heaven….

My point is that Folau quoted scripture and lost his career and has been hated and vilified by the most passionate preachers of tolerance and inclusion. My comments about those who are most passionate about the doctrine of tolerance is that…shouldn’t they be tolerant even of those they deem to be intolerant:- Because if not, the doctrine of tolerance is laced with hypocrisy?

As a Christian, I am watching the development of the Folau furore with great interest and alarm about the atmosphere that Christianity is now existing in in Australia.

3) Closing Folau’s Go Fund Page down.

I find this breathtaking in the scope of its control. There is such a concerted effort to close Folau down. Even in the media the other day, they were putting up some of the sick kids raising money on Go Fund Me…and the inference was that Folau was taking money that should have gone to those campaigns….But people have a right to choose where they put their money. And the media didn’t get how sick it was to use sick kids to push their agenda??? For Go Fund Me to bow to the pressure of minority people groups, shows just how much the vocal minority are setting agendas in Australia.

What the vocal minority fail to see, is that people of faith are a large component of Australia. The ALP now admits that by ostracising people who have faith, they lost the election.

I had no intention of donating to Folau’s campaign. Whilst I support his right to speak and even to defend his sacking (which I have already said, he could have been wiser about), I was happy to stay on the sidelines. However, due to the closing down of his Go Fund Me Page, if he sets up a website or foundation, I will be making a donation because the control and manipulation that has come against Folau, is crazy and I think we need to speak up.

Yep sure this about his comments on Homosexuality….but there is a day coming when we will see Sunday preachers hauled before the courts because someone has taken offence at some thing we preached in church.

That’s not the kind of Australia I want to live in. But it’s the Australia we are heading toward.

4) The Australia Media Are Hypocrites.

Often the Aussie media wax lyrical about the negatives of bullying. They will carry stories of 12 year old girls who take their life due to being the victims of a bully. Yet they find no issues whatsoever of strapping on their steel capped bully boots and being relentlessly brutal on people who they deem to be worthy of being bullied. I saw an interview with two male interviewers in the lead up to the latest Federal Election, with Pauline Hanson: the interviewers were nothing short of school yard thugs. It was so ugly to see. Last night on the Project, the bullying of Folau, in his absence, was just outright wrong.

Again is this the kind of Australia we want?

The media still don’t get that their love affair with the extreme leftist world view, is out of step with so much of Australia. And won’t they all be surprised when in 5 years time, they realise, no one watches commercial television anymore. Programs like the Project are similar to the band playing as the Titanic sunk. They feel they are doing an honourable service but all they are doing is dancing on the decks of a ship that is doomed to sink under the murky depths and take their place in history as something that once lived and is now dead. I personally will dance on the grave of The Project.

5) Clearly, the Wallabies, Qantas and much of Australia actually believe in hell.

I did write a blog on this topic. Here is a quote from that blog.

There was a statement going around Facebook after Israel Folau got sacked last week for saying sinners go to hell: it said this:

‘Imagine getting upset at someone for claiming the God you don’t believe in, said in the book you don’t read, that unless you repent of the sin you don’t care about, you will go to a place you don’t think exits.’

It got me thinking.

Imagine for a minute that in the make believe world of Harry Potter, drinking diet coke was a crime, and that one of the Harry Potter fans told me that because I was drinking diet coke, that I was going to be tortured forever in Azaban by Voldemort and an evil hoard of dementers…I would laugh at them and be totally unconcerned. Why? Because I don’t believe that that place exist….so the threat of Azaban means nothing to me?

But watching Australian Rugby’s reaction along with the NRL, Qantas and the people all outraged by Israel Folau’s comment, proves that they all believe in Hell and they are so uncomfortable by the concept that they want to silence the Hell fire and brimstone preacher. But the point has been made….they actually believe in Heaven and Hell and therefore God and Jesus. If they truly think Hell is not a thing….who cares that Folau says they were going there.

A good friend of mine by the name of Lynley, used to quote Hamlet to me at times as we spoke of people’s different reactions to things….she would quote ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’…..which means guilty people often over protest their innocence.

In this case, Australia has protested too much about their non belief in Hell.

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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  1. What about using his own riches (7million alone in property portfolio) to invest in his fight. $100k is a drop in the ocean compared with his and his netball superstars net worth.
    If you were to mount a defence would you readily ask for funds and put on a platform competing with sick children?

    The way he has done this is actually not the most appealing or palatable.

    Also “Free Speech” is the most expensive language of all. If it were Free it would be worth nothing.

    I do believe in speaking your truth, but also you need to abide by your word and the contracts you sign. His employers did insert a clause on “non-inclusiveness” and while we don’t need to accept this in our private lives, you cannot go against your employer and embarass them without copping the backlash.
    Sorry while he stands for Christianity, he doesn’t speak for all and is carrying on like he has No fallout coming.

    • People have the right to do what they want with their money. Peter Fitzsimmons, who wants to crucify Falou with the rest of them, advocates for the formation of Australia as a republic. I doubt anyone would give up their hard earned for what he believes in. But 3/4 of a million in 3 days? Surely this means many people feel this is more than just a post and a rugby contract dispute. It’s about what can be said in public. Don’t toe the line, they can trawl through your social media accounts, twist something you said 10 years ago, and crucify you with it.

    • Property portfolios are a furphy, particularly with the downturn in prices over the last 6 – 12 months. Israel Folau could well owe more on these properties than they are worth. Even if he did own one of them outright, realising funds from property is not a short process and funds could not be available before court.

      Note that many many of the people supporting him with this issue are those that don’t want us to go the way of China where social media use and every movement is scrutinised by govt … or in this case, an employer. Many are standing for free speech – this is all about how much control an employer has over your private life and free speech. The mark of a democracy is that propounded by Voltaire “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    • Paula I agree with you on one thing, that Free speech is the most expensive thing of all. That is why the question of whether Israel has enough of his own resources to fight the legal case is a non-issue. People have given because they understand exactly what you have just said. Free speech is worth defending, no matter what the cost.

  2. Good blog Peter Ill be joining you in the dance on the deck along with many others.

  3. Well written Pete
    It’s very clear free speech and religious freedom are the real victims in this rediculous saga
    I hope Australians from all walks of life will stand up to these dictatorial power mongers who are doing their best to destroy our way of life
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Great take on the issue Peter, well done. I agree with what you say. I am always astounded at how much punch the minorities seem to have in this country of Australia.
    Anyway, for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Prayer is key.
    Charles Kennedy.

  5. On point Peter very accurate.

  6. I remember the 7 mountains of influence teaching a decade a ago or so & I used to think not many Christians who get into those positions ever speak up for Christ or righteousness or anything of moral value so the gay lobby have taken those mountains so at the end of the day yes Izzy could have used a little more wisdom but what a can of worms he has opened!
    It’s exposed in my view the timidity of the church.

  7. Well said Peter I have been waiting on
    your response. If people do not believe
    In God or his ways why get upset.

  8. G’day Peter,

    Your comment about diagreeing with Floau saying about homesexuals and hell etc.

    How about you start to read your Bible,
    pertically the passages like God saying about an abondamnation to Him….
    when it comes to man with a man etc.

    And Jesus,
    Saying more about hell than about Heaven….

    And George Whitfield,
    He was preaching on a verander about SIN, hell, etc.
    telling the people comming out of a coal mine there is eternal damnation,
    then telling them of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

    The men gripped the verander posts with heart renching convition and a heart renching cry of repentance with white streeks down their face from weaping through the coal dust.

    Because they could feel themselves slipping into hell…..

    Jesus said,
    The Gospel is an offence to those who are perishing….

    Most of the preachers at the start of the 20th century DID NOT HOLD BACK FROM PREACHING PREACHING ABOUT HELL AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS etc……

    Not a watered down worthless gospel of devils which is sending people to hell….

    Just like most modern translations using the what they call the oldest manuscript from the pit of hell.
    It deletes or severly modifies several Scriptures.

    1John 5:7,
    an important Trinity verse.



    • It is a challenge Bruce.

      Yes, Peter says “I actually think Folau could have been wiser in the way he preached about his faith and convictions”, but as (from memory) he was asked a direct question, I do wonder how could he have answered it differently?

      The Church has been charged with preaching the Gospel, and what concerns me most is that people just don’t seem to understand it. There’s an opinion piece in yesterday’s SMH that starts “If I grow up to be gay, will I go to hell?”, the question being asked by a 9 year old girl, ( The reality is she’s already going to hell for all the other sins she’s committed, and unless she’s one day born again that’s what will happen.

      Somehow the world thinks that unless you’re really really bad you’ll get to heaven. The reality is everyone is going to hell unless they are born again. And whose faults is it that they don’t know that?

  9. Hi Pete I’m glad to hear you’re defending Israel. I value your opinion’s direction and wisdom in God and I’m glad to hear what you’re saying. I feel God is orchestrating this, even what Israel has said. And I agree it has woken up Christians and afforded us a reprieve from the antichrist with the election of Scott Morrison. I will stay tuned to hear more of what you have to say in the future. God bless you your church and your family.

  10. I’ve been following this from a distance in the USA. This is not a case of free speech. Even in the US, free speech is not a thing in the workplace.

    But first, let’s break it down.

    This is the text of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Most of this has to do with the relationship between people and the government.

    Free speech is about expressing one’s opinion freely, yes, but there are of course limitations. This definitely covers a person’s right to speech free from consequences from the state, and as it stands right now, Folau is not being arrested, or fined, or jailed. And nor would we want that to be the case. As far as religion goes, to have a specific anti-establishment clause means that even in interaction with the government, the government must not preference one religion, or a subset thereof, which was the premise of the 8-1 Engel v Vitale (school prayer) decision of 1962.

    But this is not a free speech issue as much as it is a employer-employee issue. For all the real persecution going on, and all the real trouble in the world, it’s not really something that someone should invest a whole lot of strength in really.

  11. Thank you for sharing.

    My thoughts:
    Isn’t the purpose of preaching the Gospel to tell everyone the truth? We are to tell, the Holy Spirit will convict.

    The reactions we are seeing are from people of the World who now know the truth but don’t want to accept it.

    The true enemy knows the truth… it is inevitable for him and he wants to take as many of them with him.

    Therefore the fight is not ours alone to fight. We must join together and pray, like we’ve never prayed before because this is evidence that battle against us is ramping up like never before.

  12. Totally on the money Pete.

  13. Gr8 Pete, so long since I’ve seen ur blogs!

  14. Excellent reading Peter well written and I totally agree with your words 😀

  15. Israel day in court. Judge to Israel. Did you sign a contract with the rugby union and state you will abide with all requirements. Israel ‘yes’. Did you break that contract ‘yes’. You were then sacked because of this action. Rugby were in the right. Case closed. 5 minutes in court. Cost $200. Please place this amount in poor box. Thank you Please leave now and stop wasting the court’s valuable time.

    • Israel day in court. Judge to Israel. Did you sign a contract with the rugby union and state you will abide with all requirements. Israel ‘No I didn’t sign that part of the contract that was actually separate to my formal contract’.

  16. Brilliant Peter

    (Still remember you as my pastor from the Matrix days)

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