Politicians Stealing Movie Quotes

This week in Australian Federal Politics, Anthony Albanese was caught stealing lines from the movie  The American President. Albanese said “In Australia we have serious challenges to solve and we need serious people to solve them. Unfortunately , Tony Abbott is not the least bit interested in fixing anything. he is only interested in two things: making Australians afraid of it and telling them who’s to blame for it.”

The original script from the movie is

“we have serious challenges to solve and we need serious men to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, friend, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is only interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it.

Got me thinking. I should suggest other movie lines that politicians could use. Here are my suggestions:-

Gillard to Brown – You complete me.

The Independents to Gillard – You had me at Hello.

Gillard to Wilkie withdrawing support for the Govt – Go ahead make my day.

Gillard to the Australian People – You talkin to me.

Rudd to anyone who cares – I’ll be back.

The mining companies to Gillard – Greed, for lack of a better word for it, is good.

Gillard to her media staffer who resigned this week – Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.

Gillard to the Electorate re her ability to backflip – say hello to my little friend.

Abbott to the Electorate as he harkens back to better times – Here’s Johnny.

Bob Brown to well, who gives a rip – I’m king of the world.

Chief of Security to Gillard this week – Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be bumpy ride.

Gillard to anyone – Love means you never have to say sorry.

The voters in Oakshotts Electorate – I’m mad as hell and not going to take this anymore.

Wayne Swan to the Mining Companies – Show me the money.

Gillard to her Cabinent re Rudd – Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Rudd to Gillard, during that kiss they shared on the floor of Parliament. Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape.

Abbott to the electorate to illustrate the problem with multiculturalism and lamenting people don’t speak English anymore. Hasta la vista, baby

Brown to Gillard – My precious.

Newman to Bligh – I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too.

Bonus one.

Bernard Tomic – I feel the need for speed

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