An announcement re whether Peter Pilt is standing for Mayor of the Shoalhaven

Over the past month and again last week, there was some discussion in the media and on social networking sites that I may be standing for Mayor.

So here is a definitive announcement:-

I, Peter Pilt am not, will not and never have been a candidate for Mayor of the great city of Shoalhaven.


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4 replies

  1. We need Godly men and women in politics though Peter. So if you ever change your mind?

  2. Careful Peter, your sense of humour is showing…

  3. be careful with the “will not” declaration Peter. It’samazing whatGod does with those, as I’m sure you’re aware. Bettertomake it”will not anytime in the foreseeable future” lol. Besides, you’d make a great mayor.

  4. That statement is like a red rag in front of a bull when it comes to the Media. Now they will be convinced that you are running for mayor and may even liken your statement to Bill Clinton’s denial on the whole Monica Lewinski affair. This little tale will be an interesting one to follow when the media starts “wagging the dog.”

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