Morning News Wrap for Tuesday 19th January 2016.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your awesome Frontal Lobe. Good Morning and welcome to today. Here is the news with a smattering of attitude.

Parental Guidance is recommended.

Also you are not you when you are hungry. See Pic.

Woolworths says Masters was a failed business venture…7000 jobs in doubt….wait for Bill Shorten to blame the Government. Wait for it……

Body found in search for missing Vic mum.

Kyrgios makes perfect start to the Australian Open as long as you don’t count the last 12 months where he has been a complete and utter tool….then yes it’s perfect……just wait till he opens his mouth…..

Tennis is not fixed apparently.  $300k offered to Djokovic to throw match. Personally I would have done it for $150K.

Pastor from the Gold Coast does not condone cheating in sports…except Canadian Curling….then that’s begging for a sport controversy because the last one happened in 1947 when Steven Jennings used a brush sourced from Canadian Blue Spruce instead of Canadian White Spruce. The sport never really recovered and so in 2016 you have some people within the Commonwealth poking fun at the Canadian Curling Team and infact the entire sport of Curling which you would think is not out of place in Melanie Pilt’s salon.

Passengers restrain man on domestic Qantas flight…..apparently they have ‘a certain set of skills’ which I also have a certain set of skills but my skills will only result in the accurate interpretation of a Profit and Loss Statement. I am the Liam Neeson of the Economist World: ‘I will find you and I will understand your profit levels’

Turnbull is in America.

Xenophon did something but I just realised his name sounds like Xenophobia which I don’t know what that is but will assume it’s the fear that we being entertained by tennis stars who are messing with our minds by fixing matches.

Hey Dad star who abused children on set appeals for freedom along the lines of I am a celebrity get me out of here. (I may have paraphrased this). Nope sorry. If you abused children then suck it up and deal with the crap you are getting in Prison…if you didn’t want to go to prison then you shouldn’t have done bad stuff and I say bad stuff to not be explicit and mess with your breakfast.

US Dad dies driving pregnant wife to hospital to have a baby. Some news stories just suck.

Amy Schumer breaks a shoe on stage. And this counts as news why?

People Smuggler weeps over the bodies of drowned children…..the crocodile tears shown hear would have had Steve Irwin saying ‘Crickey’.

Jennifer Aniston was stoney faced as she walked down the red carpet during the People’s Choice Award….and at the same time child brides were raped in Nigeria making apparent stoney face appear farcical in the media cause actually no one gives a dam about said stone.

There are 62 people in the world who are more  wealthier than 3.5 billion in the world.

US Navy reveals new weapon….and no its not sending Clive Palmer or Woolworths into a country to sink the economy.  

Apparently you can rent your own island for a romantic getaway for $60K. Personally I would rent you NZ for just $25k and Tasmania for $10k and don’t even get me started on what you can have Indonesia for.

North Korea drops one million leaflets via Balloon over South Korea….Not one mentioned Global Care nor its bank account where you can donate to the great work that the organisation does.

Norwegian swimmer braves swimming under 15cm of ice.

And that my friends is a wrap.

Ps Peter Pilt

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7 replies

  1. Bit long in the reading, but if fits your News this morning…


    My first trip into Hong Kong,
    A business trip was the reason
    It was more than little frightening
    When we land in monsoon season

    Such a multitude of people
    The like I’d never seen before
    Shops and Malls and Markets
    Inconceivable delights galore

    The Hotel Peninsula resplendent
    Sun shining on white-washed wall
    White-gloved bell boys moving fast
    To attend each beck and call

    A place frequented by movie stars
    But just around the bend
    Society’s misfits and forgotten ones
    Simply wait for life to end.

    No deep plush carpets for their feet
    Or waiters by the score
    No room service or delicacies
    Such as the idle rich adore

    Balconies bedecked in floral artwork
    Bougainvillea, profuse in crimson bloom
    King-sized beds and satin sheets
    While the beggar… has no room

    The marina is in overflow
    With yachts and Luxury boats
    The Magnate shrouded in cigar smoke
    Imported from Cuba, how he gloats

    He waves his hand and his Rolex
    Flashes for all to see
    While a little girl is sold to traders
    By her starving family

    Her future is decided for her
    Prostitution in some evil slimy den
    Served up on a platter to satisfy
    The appetite of lustful men

    The Polo team assembles
    Ribald talk and meaningless banter
    Well-groomed horses costing thousands
    Onlookers watch as they start to canter

    Women wrapped in finery,
    Jewelry vulgar in such a display
    The chukka begins as men of wealth
    While-away the time of day.

    The champagne flows, the voices rise
    The competing teams, it seems, will tie
    But a stabbing down by the riverside,
    causes another man to die

    This madman, provoked by hunger
    For drugs of varying kind
    Forced onto the streets as the craving
    Eats away at what’s left of his mind

    The mansions of man costing millions
    Ostentatious on tree-lined streets
    While others suffer the horrors
    Of living beneath tents or iron sheets

    Selective vision it seems
    Causes folks to choose what they see
    And depending on the circumstances
    May not acknowledge this discrepancy.

    So the world continues in this tension
    Of wealth and poverty and strife
    And we are left at times to ponder
    The parallels of life c. Lynne Drake 03/2009

  2. Do you feel your comments about Nick Kyrgios are edifying? He’s a young guy trying to find his way in life and in his sport. More is expected of us.

  3. How com Peters column has become a comedic version of the news ? Has he left Christianity or have I missed something?

    • Hi Mary….Can you explain the link between having a sense of humor and leaving Christianity? Can people of faith not have a sense of humor? And maybe the news is so bad some days that it needs a little light humor. I look forward to your reply.

      • Hi Peter
        I started following your blog because your content was rich with spiritual insights and I found it edifying. I am just expressing disappointment at the current content.
        I do not think Christianity is humourless, I laugh everyday with Jesus.
        I am sorry if my comment came across as judgemental.
        Your sister in Christ

    • Mary, thanks for your reply. For the last 5 years on Facebook, I have been writing a summary of the news and this year i started blogging that. Its my way of reporting the news with a little bit of commentary. I will still be blogging the spiritual things and infact I plan to increase the frequency of this.

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