Morning News Wrap for Wednesday 27th January 2016




M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Sydney man killed in an avalanche at a US Ski resort.

Heavily armed cops end Maroubra siege.

40 people fall sick after eating food from the Box Village Bakery in Southern Sydney.

Two killed after car plunges off 50 metre high Melbourne Bridge. See Pic.

Clive Palmer says he has no personal responsibility toward his sacked workers.

Lisa Wilkinson opens up about the three miscarriages she has had.

Australia Day Google Doodle featuring Indigenous Australians has upset….Indigenous Australians.

Federer thrashes Berdych.

Women warned as Zika virus spreads.

Backpacker has died after getting stuck between sofas at Victorian hostel

Decapitated roo found in outer Melbourne.

Turnbull says there are more pressing issues than a republic…..unfortunately the new Australian of the year and the Opposition leader didn’t get that memo.

A US Presidential hopeful has told a large crowd in the US that rape rates spiked in Australia after the gun buyback because women had nothing left to
defend themselves with.

Russia conducts 169 airstrikes in two days on ISIL Syrian Targets.

Man carrying fake rifle sparks security scare in Rome…..if we have told the
Pope once, we have told him a million times….The fake rifles are for inside games.

US gun shop owner and his son have been killed over a $36 service fee.
New Denmark law allows migrants valuable to be seized. I don’t get why this is ok. So countries welcomes these migrants and now they are robbing them.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Remember you have the power within you to change the world. Start by being radically kind.

Peter Pilt

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