The ALP Announced Today The Biggest Issue Facing Australia Right Now And It’s Possibly Not What You Think?


The Australian Labor Party today said that the very first bill it will introduce in Parliament, should it win office this weekend, is that of same-sex marriage.

This post is not entirely about Marriage Equality…..I am just disappointed that the ALP see this as the biggest priority in our nation right now.

So the 1 in 3 girls under 18 being sexually molested….Nope.

The one in 6 boys who are sexually molested by age 18……Nope.

One of the highest suicide rates in the OECD……Nope.

So the 70 women killed each year in Domestic Violence cases….Nope.

The Asian women being trafficked through the Newcastle Port in order to populate Australian Brothels….Nope.

The 350 phone calls the Queensland Police receive EVERY DAY from desperate woman who are feeling threatened by their partners….Nope.

The threat of a lone wolf terrorist attack on Aussie Soil….Nope.

The failure of the police hierarchy and lines of command and resources during the Lindt Cafe Siege….Nope.

Global Economic uncertainty and clearly the failure of Monetary policy to stimulate the economy and then adding into the mix the Mining Boom moving on….Nope.

The death of thousands drowning in the Mediterranean…Nope.

The reduction of Australia’s Foreign Aid Budget…..Nope.

Indigenous incarceration rates……Nope.

Helping reduce Austrlalia’s abortion rate through supportive services for pregnant women…..Nope.

Putting more money into Mental Health Support Services in rural Australia…..Nope

Helping Older Aussies to have a better Standard of Living….. Nope.

The increasing suicide rate of Aussie farmers due to drought and CSG issues…..Nope.

Thank you Bill. Let’s see what Australian’s think on Saturday.

Anyway, That’s what I think.

Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. Labor is an increasingly morally bankrupt party, reaching out in desperation to the Greens/ Homosexual Party. That’s what I think. Adam Bandt’s first attempt at getting a bill passed was his gay marriage bill about six years ago.
    People like Shorten are prepared to sell out Christian values, for political expediency, and can never be trusted. What an abomination!

    • 1.8 million people are members of Australian unions. (Source Bill Shorten). 3.4 million people attend Christian churches at least once a month. (Source McCrindle Research). Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-union. However if the ALP lose this election part of the reason will be Mr Shorten’s obsession with re-defining marriage.

      • I am sure that the majority of the 3.4 million people attending Christian Churches like myself also agree with equality and do not support the view that a section of society should be condemned by the church. But I am left handed so I am condemned anyway according to some interpretations of the Bible!

      • I’m left handed too jen so I go by this interpretation “When the Bible refers to left-handed people, it speaks of left-handedness as an advantage, not a weakness” from

        As an aside, the only way all mankind is equal is in that we are all sinners, all sin deserving death but different sins having a different affect on those around us. We are condemned because of our sin, we don’t need anyone to do that to us, we did it all ourselves.

        But the suggestion that’s around that sinning and not-sinning are somehow equal is just bad Math (and Theology).

  2. Same sex marriage…a priority!….pathetic labour ALP

  3. Maybe that’s the only policy Bill Shorten thinks is important, because maybe he thinks that’s where the votes are.
    I hope Australia proves him wrong, and shows that we are still a Christian country, or at least a moral country. I hope.

  4. Vote the Labor way for the Senate and one of the parties you’ll vote for is the Australian Sex Party.

    That sounds Godly.

  5. Hahaha I didn’t vote for them anyway so I don’t care

  6. Full disclosure: I’m a Qld senate candidate for Family First. But IF the most important thing to me was power or a political career, most people would agree a minor party isn’t the fastest way to go about it.

    The reality is that I’m in a minor party because I’ve completely lost faith in any of the major parties, like 1 in 4 Australians at the last election. They’re hopelessly driven by populism, not people; careers, not convictions. This is demonstrated by their separate approaches to making homosexual marriage law, albeit via different strategies. Labor’s focus on it is monolithic, obscuring all the above important issues. Turnbull, a big fan, wants the debate shortened and the plebiscite hastened (without free speech), and most of his members will do what’s popular *after* that vote, NOT necessarily what’s right and good – even some of the Christians I’ve spoken to!

    So whichever major party you believe least damaging, we need a senate with a conscience, a spine, to hold them to account with the balance of power in strong, conservative independent parties – not beholden to either major party. Hopefully this will embolden and encourage the few conservatives that remain in the Coalition to vote for what’s right and not just what’s popular.

    We need a cross bench that’s strong and sensible, and to not make the House of Review a mere rubber stamp or determined opposition. We need the conservative minors who better represent the silent majority. We have to vote with our values first, and our preferred major party lower down.

  7. Love ya work Slugger

  8. So you don’t think the Labor appointed Royal Commission into Child Abuse was showing where their priorities lie. Or the funding of education (reversed by the LNP). Or funding for Health. Or protection of penalties for low income workers. Putting 100 days on same sex marriage is because its easy and a no brainer. We’re just not ugly enough as a nation to allow a significant minority of homophobes to block basic human rights

    • I liked your comment to you descended to name calling….Why can’t people just debate a point without getting into name calling and bullying…..See what I did there… I disagreed with you without devaluing you as a person. In fact I validated your point of view.

      • I would argue that calling someone a ‘homophobe’ is no more name calling than accusing them of bullying is slander. And you did nothing to validate his point of view, that was an utter lie (or are you deluding yourself?). Mr Isaacs pointed this comment at no particular individual, so if you felt it personally, maybe you’re feeling a bit guilty yourself? It’s alright, I’m sure Peter at the gates will understand…

      • Oh Sam you forgot to accuse me of being judgmental and quote that scripture….

  9. An ellipses consists of 3 dots followed by either a space then uppercase or no space and lowercase letter. I hope this will help you improve your writing.

  10. All they think about?? pandering to Penny Wong, the greens and 3 %of the population, seriously there are much bigger issues, Bill Shorten offers nothing to this great country, all of his adverts have been harping on about the liberals and yet has rarely offered anything except gay marriage………. What a joke!!

  11. I’m a labor supporter. (Theres my full disclosure) and I have to say your right. HOWEVER, let’s face it, Gay marriage is going to be one of the easiest things to fix. You simply just give the LBGTI community equal human rights. Takes little policy work and inflate the market a little. (Great little boost for he economy).

    What I don’t understand is how a Turnbull government would prefer to spend 164 Million of a plebicite when they could in fact plug this into as you say, more pressing issues.

  12. Some changes in society may be a bit slow to take proper hold at first, but they do seem to be inevitable. Common sense eventually wins out. Whenever non-heteros attain the same rights as all others, the sky is unlikely to cave in, regardless of many assertions to the contrary. For instance, South Australia’s Labor Senator Penny Wong is one of the most unflappable and articulate politicians I have ever heard. If her gender preference is ever in question, then I for one, would rather vote in her favour instead of ticking a box for an inflexible right-wing candidate endowed with a noticeable South African accent.

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