Bill Shorten Typifies What is Political Debate in Australia – Name Calling and Bullying.

Upfront this blog is not about Marriage Equality or the Plebiscite.

Its about Bill Shorten’s blatant bullying tactics in a recognized form of democracy called a Plebiscite. Sometime in the next few months, the Australian people will get to voice their opinion on the redefining of the term Marriage. Whilst not legally binding, both sides of Parliament have agreed to act on the results legislatively.

Today My Shorten, happily declared that a plebiscite would be “a taxpayer-funded platform for homophobia”. So instead of mounting a case for the redefinition of Marriage, Shorten has started the process by name calling and bullying and effectively labelling anyone who votes to retain the traditional and biblical definition of marriage as being homophobic.

Remember when Corey Bernardi publicly stood up against the apparent anti-bullying Safe Schools Program and whilst walking passed a Shorten Press Conference, Mr Shorten with all the cameras rolling called Bernardi a homophobe. The irony in Shorten defending an antibullying program whilst name calling to a fellow member of Federal Parliament is breathtaking. Ever notice the biggest advocates of anti bullying programs are the biggest bullies? Ever notice the most passionate preachers of the doctrine of tolerance are the most intolerant?

This is one of the great weaknesses of Australian Politics right now. There is no robust debate of issues that matter, by people with credibility who refuse to use pet slogans, who understand that throwing money at issues is not always the best solution and just because someone disagrees with you you don’t have to descend to insulting name calling. There is no stature in Politics these days and even sadder less robust debate.

Anyway that’s what I think.

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Ps Peter Pilt

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3 replies

  1. Very well stated Peter. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Interesting when you were challenged on an issue your response was to unfriend the challenger on Facebook. Pot calls the kettle black

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  3. Have seen a lot of this in the political arena lately from politicians from all sides. It seems to happen with almost any issue. i think they might be inspired by Donald Trump and his success so far.

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