My Musings on the Federal Election Campaign


In today’s (11th June 2016) Daily Telegraph, Paul Murray writing on the Federal Election on Page 41 made this statement:

“Not a day goes by in modern elections without a leader promising to fix a problem with money.”

Murray was writing a piece on Bill Shorten’s reactionary comment during a live People’s Forum…where he asked who in the audience knew someone who had committed suicide:- almost everyone put their hand up. Bill Shorten paused for a minute and then made the commitment that his Government will halve the number of suicides by Australians.

Whilst I applaud the notion and possibly even the heart behind the commitment, marrying Paul Murray’s comment with Bill Shorten’s impetus comment and I am cynical. How will he do this…..throw money at it?

To me the Paul Murray comment sadly sums up Australian Politics and particularly the current Federal Election Campaign:- Politicians falling over themselves to throw money at what is seen as red flag problems whilst at the same time wanting to appear as being the more fiscally responsible.

See we do have problems in Australia and may I suggest throwing money at these problems is a waste. Some of Australia’s biggest problems can’t be solved by money.

Let’s look at the $100 million dollar Domestic Violence Package Turnbull announced the week after 5 women and a child were killed by their partners or ex partners. And again whilst I applaud the move, it focuses on helping women to be safe, to get out of abusive situations etc rather than changing the mindset of men toward women. (Or women toward men in some Domestic Violence Cases). Imagine if we became a nation who championed our women: Who had deep respect for them and honored them. But no, our Justice system hands out stupidly light sentences to men who beat our women, our remuneration packages treat women like weird second cousins with a slight intellectual imperfection and our sporting fixtures are obsessed with having women as eye candy decorations with the same values as a Christmas Tree Bauble.

What I haven’t seen in this election campaign are strategies to change some of the broken Aussie DNA. For example:

Let’s examine why Australia has one of the highest suicide rates in the Western World and then work hard to deal with those core issues.

Hey let’s draw some graphs and see whether the secularisation of Australian Society has some parallels with the increase in issues like suicide, sexual abuse of children, domestic violence, drug use, violence and alcohol abuse. Dare I suggest our experiment as a humanistic society is desperately failing?

Maybe in the ethos of the Christian message is an undergirding message that you as a person have significant value and deeply matter and there is a broader metanarrative purpose for your life.

Maybe we need to look at the value we as a society place on families and marriage and think through our excitement about our destruction of the family as the basic unit of society. Within a healthy family, children are nurtured, given a sense of self worth, taught how to respect others and be contributing members of the Aussie Community. But right now the socialist left…which sadly has the media as it’s megaphone, wants to remove anything from Australia that reflects the Judeo Christian ethic which modern Australia was founded on. Here is a quote from Australian International Speaker Amanda Wells’ Facebook Page.

Destroying the family is a key teaching of Marx and Engels, who said it was necessary to “liberate” women from their “oppression” to become productive units working for the state.

Marriage was “private prostitution”, wrote Marx. Engels called for the abolition of the family, and the collective rearing of children, describing a wife as “a slave of (her husband’s) lust and a mere instrument for the production of children”.
This anti-family ideology was adopted with gusto by the post-revolutionary Soviets who passed decrees in 1917 which made divorce easy, recognised only civil marriages, abolished shared family property and banned adoption. In 1918 courts took over parental rights. “True liberation of women, true Communism comes about only when the masses rise up … against … small-scale households,” wrote Lenin in 1919.

You will find these ideas in every feminism and gender studies course in universities today. But you probably won’t find their real-life consequences, which were catastrophic for Russian society.

By 1920, divorces increased 100 fold, the birthrate plummeted, abortions skyrocketed, and 75 per cent of marriages lasted less than six months. Nearly seven million homeless children “roamed the streets, starving, dying of disease, and forming criminal gangs,” wrote Geoffrey Hosking in A History Of The Soviet Union.

The Communists tried to reverse their anti-family policies but the damage was done. And now, we are marching in their footsteps, doomed by blissful apathy to repeat the mistake.

I would suggest that we as Australians should have leaders that model the value that is placed on a human life.

Another comment taken from Amanda Wells’ Social Media regarding the shooting of the Gorilla and the resulting outrage.

A tweet this week after the Gorilla was shot ‘7 billion humans on this planet, & the critically endangered ‪#‎gorilla is the one killed?” tweeted one concerned citizen.

I ache for where humanity is going.

We see laws passed in Victoria for abortion to 40th week and in Qld a post abortion bill and around 200,000 out of 4 million people signed saying they were against it.

When is an endangered gorilla worth more than a child? Where is our culture going? I believe its time we took a long hard look at ourselves as society and started to change.

Do parents teach their children to stand for an older person on a bus /train anymore? For their boys to hold open a door for a woman? My kids asked to leave the table, asked for something ALWAYS ALWAYS said please and thank you. We were expelled for not abiding by these rules, and my kids knew the drill, but today I see little honour for elders and I think parents take a look and say is this the sort of society you want? Where the life of an animal is worth more than a human……. if not then IT STARTS AT HOME!

I concur with Amanda’s comments. Maybe in this election we should be talking about bringing back basic manners and making common sense common again, rather than jumping over each other to announce changes to the family payment. Here is a thought, if you really want to support families, look at non financial ways to support them.

Instead of announcing a Royal Commission into the Bank Sector….which for the record is one of the most robust banking sectors IN THE ENTIRE WORLD: announce a Royal Commission into the way the Judicial System treats women and abused children.

To do some research for this blog, I googled “Major election issues for Australia in 2016”: One of the top stories was Superannuation Tax Concessions. WOW!!!! See this is the problem. The big issues aren’t the big issues and the big issues are ignored as they aren’t “media sexy”. Let’s revisit the common courtesy thought from above. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white male in 1955: She became known as the mother of the Civil Rights Freedom Movement. She demand respect and ultimately got it.

Maybe its time we start teaching white males to give up their seat on a bus for white females. This is not a race comment.

Another apparent Major Election Issue is the GP Rebate Freeze. Australians are apparently outraged that they possibly have to pay some money to go to the doctor. I also remember the outrage over Joe Hockey’s Budget comment, which I saw live, that the age of entitlement was over. I remember reading the social media comment from a friend of mine that he was made to wait 4 hours at Centrelink in order to get his payment for the week. I commented that I worked about 60 hours for my payment….so 4 hours isn’t too bad. Apparently he wasn’t impressed with my comment.

Reality is that Aussies have access to one of the best health care systems in the world. Yet we rage if we have to wait 5 hours in Accident and Emergency at hospital. Actually we rage so much that money has to be spent advertising that nurses shouldn’t be verbally or physically abused. (Conflict of Interest declaration: My 18 year old daughter is doing an Advance Nursing Degree through Wollongong University: and I have told her I will pay for her to do A Personal Self Defence Class as she approaches Graduation). Or rage if we may have to pay $5 to see a doctor (who spent 6 years at university in order for him/her to have some kind of an idea of what the aliment that you present to him is). But yet we are a nation addicted to scratchies. Whoops: oversharing.

I made the comment a few months ago that it’s a double dissolution election not due to issues in the Senate but due to the fact that Australians are disillusioned with both Shorten and Turnbull. I have never donkey voted but I am looking for a donkey this time round.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Ps Peter Pilt

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2 replies

  1. I agree, Peter. This is the first election where I genuinely can’t bring myself to vote for either major party. Family Frist is looking really good.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs when we cannot SEE what is happening in our country…Thank you Peter Pilt for being a voice for COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a scary place to be when one feels they can not vote for one of our major parties…C D P is looking good to me , May God have mercy on us as a nation..I thank God for voices rising to say HOW IT IS…Am thankful also for Miranda Devine for writing as she has in the newspapers making people aware , to stop and think about what we are allowing to happen in this wonderful country of ours….

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