Pastor Peter Pilt Confesses He Is A Digital Atheist: He Doesn’t Believe In Digital Jesus to Digitally Save Him.

As a real world Pastor….some bad stuff went down today in my digital world….And no its got nothing to do with finding a Pokémon in my backyard, although that too is disturbing and will be a topic for another Blog.

Today I saw this on my Instagram Feed and I didn’t double tap.

And then I had a crisis…..Did I just deny Christ? Is there a difference between denying digital Jesus and real Jesus……Then I thought WWJD and then realised that is unhelpful.


If I don’t double tap am I saying Jesus didn’t save me?

If I do double tap but actually don’t have a faith in Jesus, did I just get saved?

Is there such a thing as a digital soul?

Does Jesus look at Instagram?

Does the Devil look at Instagram?

Can you be a digital atheist according to manipulate memes and still make it to heaven due to real faith in a real Jesus and in His real blood being shed?

So what does a Christian do when confronted by posts like this. I had to admit to feeling bad in times passed for ignoring posts like this……Here is another example….


I didn’t retweet. Please don’t judge me!!! But I love Jesus. Is Jesus now doubting my love…..I mean Ashley Kiczek clearly is the social media manager for the Messiah and she is trying to get many tweets for “our Lord”…. and I digitally denied Christ by not retweeting….Was Jesus sad at my actions that day? Or doesn’t He care at all what I double tap on Insta, or what I retweet?

Then my day just got a whole stack worse when I came across this preacher of divine protection (See below) and (my heart is beating fast in me chest now as I type this and my breathing is rapid and shallow) I DIDN’T TYPE AMEN…..and worse still I ignored it (what kind of a man of God am I?) and then a rock flew up from a truck on the way to work and dented my less than 12 month old car (true story) and I desperately tried to find the post again so I could type Amen and ensure that Jesus would then protect me again. And I couldn’t find it. Was Jesus’ protection and love for me as fickle as me not typing Amen to a Meme?




My day kept getting worse. I didn’t share this image on my wall and I wondered if there really is a place for Jesus on my Facebook Wall which so represents all we do in life……(Apparently: If you eat a meal and you don’t put a pic of it on social media did you really eat it?) Was I saying by not sharing, that Jesus is not welcome into my world…..well apparently according to this manipulative image: Yes!


Then I discovered that I apparently follow Jesus on Instagram and I didn’t double tap so no heart appeared over the image of Jesus dying for my sins…..What kind of monster am I?


Please note that according to the above image there are only 38 people going to heaven which leaves lots of places for the JW’s 144,000: Woohoo.


Ok here is what I really think!

I hate these spiritually manipulative and condemning images. They serve no purpose except to be digital hocus pocus. So I am apparently a digital atheist.

Now let’s talk about what I believe in real life. I believe that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not go to a lost eternity but have everlasting life.

Some I am digital atheist apparently:- but a rabid passionate Pentecostal Christian, who wants to tell you about Jesus. The real Jesus.

Reshare this blog on social media for a special blessing……(I am just messsing with you)

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Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. Praise The Lord I’m a digital atheist too. Couldn’t agree more. Its a personal relationship not a digital one. Bless those who post that. They believe they are making a difference. Double click if you agree.


  1. Pastor Peter Pilt Confesses He Is A Digital Atheist: He Doesn’t Believe In Digital Jesus to Digitally Save Him. | Scalding Psyche

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