Musings on President Trump Just Before He Becomes President

Well here I sit. A blank blog post as the TV in the next room announces state after state falling to Trump and inching him closer and closer to being President Trump.

I do remember watching The Simpsons Episode in 2000, where reality TV star Donald Trump becomes President.  Click here to watch a clip Top Ten Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future

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So let’s assume it is President Trump. What do I think of that?

First up, after the Polls predicted the failure of the Brexit vote and a Clinton win in this election, clearly the polls are a useful as Vote 1 for Hilary 2016, front yard corflute sign. Fire all pollsters I say.

Secondly, Trump walks into the role of leading a nation in trouble. Mass shootings, racial tensions, falling standards of living, a debt that makes the country technically insolvent and over half a million people who are homeless:- just to mention a few. Click here to read my Blog on Is America Still Great?

Trump also walks into the role of being the leader of the Free World – with that world very much under threat. Russia, China, North Korea and that’s before we get into ISIS, terrorism and issues in the Middle East. There is seemingly increased tensions around the world at the moment and certainly alot of internet chatter about World War 3. Now I am not into alarmist blogs but certainly some of the YouTube Clips that I have watched about these tensions etc are deeply concerning.

The problem with the election campaign and the focus on Trump’s issues with women and Clinton’s obsession with using personal emails, is that does anyone really know what the domestic and international policies are of either candidate?

Sure we know Trump is going to build a wall between the US and Mexico – but what else?

Surely this election has more substance than rhetoric and fear?

I know from doing a little research that Trump has no appetite to fix the economy. When asked in an interview in January what he would do to repair the US economy – he commented that it’s a task he would rather skip. This is concerning seeing the US is a consumer driven economy that is to a large degree the engine room of the world economy. This potentially could have ramifications for the Aussie Economy, the demand for our commodities and therefore the value of the Aussie dollar. It will be interesting to see whether the RBA drops domestic interest rates in the December meeting. This will be a very telling sign.

As I sit here, I also lament that the world’s poster country for democracy, put up Clinton and Trump as the two best candidates to lead the nation. I am a fan of democracy but my faith it this form of government certainly has taken a beating.

I am smiling however listening to world leaders falling over themselves to soften the language that they have used to describe Trump in the past. Bill Shorten for example has described Trump as ‘barking mad’ and ‘entirely unsuitable’ to be President. Penny Wong is waxing eloquent on Sky News right now about Trump, attempting to fix things for Shorten.

So what is ahead?

Lots of uncertainty. And whether you are a fan of Trump or a fan of Clinton, what both America and the world does not need right now is a protracted period of uncertainty. Unfortunately I suspect the enemies of the West are rubbing their hands together in glee.

Would this be any different under President Clinton…..may I suggest not.

Anyway, that’s what I think at this early stage.

Peter Pilt

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3 replies

  1. Hello Peter This is by far the best blog by a Christian leader I have read on these events.  Thankyou. RegardsWayne Botting

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  2. The way I see it is Trump has never hidden behind anyone. He is and has always said what he thinks and believes. He hasn’t lied about what he has said or done. He actually seems to take pride in what he says when he offends people.

    Even watching him on The Apprentice he was always sexist. He said the truth.
    The advantage of Trump over Clinton is he already has enough money already and doesn’t seem to take bribes……oops political donations.
    He seems to be for the simple working man.
    All the media insults seemed to bring him out and become prouder

    He truly doesn’t seem to care what people think of him which is what is needed in a leader

    Just my thoughts from what I see.

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