I lament the Death of the Video/DVD Store


I lament the death of the Video/DVD store.

I used to love grabbing a pizza, a coke and a good movie on a Friday night to just chill for the evening and say goodbye to the work week. But a revolution has taken place and I am not sure it’s been a positive.

There are no Movie Rental places left around where I live. So what are my alternatives for a Friday Movie Night?

Well at the local mall we have a Video Ezy self serve Kiosk which I do use from time to time but I have to say that the selection of new releases is pretty narrow.

But I hear you say, you should be streaming movies on  Telstra Big Pond Movies….Well I have NBN and I pay to have the speed boostered and so I have about a 65mpbs download speed….And yet I cannot get a movie to stream with out it pausing every 8 seconds to load the next 8 seconds.

So then I subscribed to Netflix which is fantastic if I want to spend my Friday Night watching movies that I have already seen back in 2011. I may be using it wrong but Netflix is a disappointment when it comes to new release movies.

I didn’t even try Stan after the Big Pond Movies fiasco.

So I find myself now buying the Movie DVD at JB Hi if I want to watch something….which is more expensive and further away than what my local Blockbuster store used to be…..Technology in the movie area for me has meant less convenience and more money.

Anyway, that’s what I think,

Peter Pilt

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  1. Peter try cyro.se It is a free movie service with 2016 movies.

  2. DVD how 2001. You need Blu-ray. Stan is good. We use Stan & Netflix. Does depend on what you like. I like to watch TV series . A Season all at once. Streaming killed local video stores. But on the positive, no late fees, cheaper and no scratches and Stan & Netflix always have a copy. For basicly the price of 1 video hire you can have Netflix for a month (unlimited access).

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