A Third Person Has Just Died From Eating Rockmelon: Here Is Some Information That I Think Is Relevant For All Rockmelon Lovers.

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A third person has just died from the disease Listeria which they caught from eating a Rockmelon. I love a good Rockmelon particularly with a little bit of sugar sprinkled over it. So the fact that you can die from eating them is news to me. Apparently the deadly melons have all come from the same grower in the Riverina area. News Outlets have all carried stories this week warning people against eating Rockmelons purchased before last Wednesday 28th February 2018.

One of my Facebook Friends, Judi Walker made the following comment on a Rockmelon news story that was on my page.

Rockmelon trivia for today.

  • Rockmelons have a bacteria that lives on the skin of the Rockmelon. Once you slice it, the bacteria is drawn into the flesh of the Rockmelon and begins to deteriorate the Rockmelon.
  • You should always wash the skin to eliminate most of the bacteria. But you won’t get it all. Always eat all of the rockmelon in one hit.
  • Don’t buy 1/2 a Rockmelon that has been sitting out at a store because the longer it sits there….the more chance you have of becoming sick.
  • The bacteria also deteriorates the melon and it begins to go mushy and the taste changes.
  • If it’s mushy…DONT EAT IT. If it tastes slightly off but still has a fresh but less sweet taste….DONT eat it.

I found the above information interesting and relevant and to be honest I was a little surprised that this was the first time I have ever heard about Listeria and the danger that a half eaten Rockmelon poses. So I thought I would pass it on to my blog readers. And a thank you and a shoutout to Judi Walker.

Whole Rockmelons and whole Watermelons for us from now on.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up Pete & Judi

  2. Same goes for onions – never keep the rest after cutting it as they absorb bacteria that is around, leftover onion is deadly!


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