This Weekend Marks 20 Years Of The Pilt Family Being Part of The International Network of Churches Movement.

This weekend is a significant one in terms of the history of the Pilt Family. This weekend three years ago, we left Nowra City Church to move to the Gold Coast to work full time for Global Care. But also this weekend 20 years ago, we left Lighthouse Christian Centre Wollongong, to move to Brisbane to join the staff of Citipointe Church….Which at the time was called Brisbane Christian Outreach Centre. So we left the ACC Movement and joined what was then the Christian Outreach Centre Movement.

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So 20 years being part of Christian Outreach Centre: now of course INC: International Network of Churches.

In the last 20 years, I have fulfilled the following roles:

  • Business Manager of Citipointe for 2 years.
  • Young Adults Pastor of Citipointe for 6 months.
  • Senior Pastor of Nowra City Church for 15 years.
  • National Executive Member for 15 years.
  • CHC College Council Member for 2 years.
  • International Director of Global Care for 9 years.
  • Director of INC South Pacific Missions for 3 years.
  • Senior Pastor of CityNet Church for 8 months.

I just wanted to say how much I love the INC movement.  Over the last 20 years, I have been part of a movement that is filled with passionate men and women who are loving on God and serving Him through leading local churches. Some are full time paid by the church, others are bi-vocational. Some serve God in city contexts and others are out in very rural areas like Mt Isa. Some have larger churches of thousands and others have churches of 30 or 40. Some have Masters Degrees and others not quite as many qualifications. Some are young and others are heading toward retirement. Its a very diverse movement. At times INC has been criticized and certainly there are lots of stories in our history…..but I love the movement and the pastors and leaders that make up its leadership….and of course I love the people in the INC Churches.


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  1. Congratulations Peter Pilt, I remember when you first went down to Nowra, everyone was talking about your enthusiasm and the magnificent and lateral ways you were advancing God’s presence in the area. So well done Pete and remember, life doesn’t stop here. We are promised three score years and 10 and for some, 10 years more. Better think of some mor2 innovative ways of “doing business”. Power on mighty man of God..

  2. Well done faithful man

  3. Great reflection Peter. Loved having you onside as a resource and all round good guy 😊.

    Will Smith
    07 5498 9993
    0418 721 118
    34 Hickey Road Caboolture
    PO Box 3111 Caboolture


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