Why Is It That Too Often It’s People Outside The Church That Show More Care And Concern For The Hurting Than Those In The Church?

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So upfront let me say this blog upsets me and pushes the church defensive button in me….and I am the author.

I was talking with a mate from NSW this arvo who is battling cancer. He has been in a local church for the last 40 years but unable to attend Sunday Services due to his illness for the last few months.

He made a comment today that said most of his care, concern and even some cash (he can’t work right now) has come from people outside the church.

Now I would normally spring to the defence of the church but sadly this is not the first time I have head this kind of comment.  I actually wrote a blog about how I am over the sport of church bashing….And so I am not here to bash the church. I love the local church and have spent my life serving it. Click here to read that blog. But I have to ask why does the church at times fail in the care area?

And how do we fix this?

Are we too busy as Christians?

Are we too focused on helping those who are only ‘within the paddock’ of the church?

Do we have a heart to care and do so initially but then get distracted?

I told this story to the Pastoral Team of CityHOPE Church last night and said to them we must be a church that radically cares for people.

Jesus always showed great care….I think of the women with the issue of Blood….Jesus was on his way to an urgent appointment as a 12 year child was gravely ill, yet he took the time to care and connect with the woman with the issue of blood.

I am looking around my world right now and looking for anyone that maybe I should be showing more care to. I encourage anyone reading this blog to do the same and I encourage you even more so if you are a Christian. If the God of love lives in us, shouldn’t we of all people show love and care.

Anyway, that’s what I think.

Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. I think one of the reasons is that the church is full of people who have been emotionally hurt and are in recovery mode themselves. Another reason could be that there are many spiritual children in the church and looking to the needs of others usually quires maturity.
    Having said this, there are many wonderful saints in the church, laying down their lives for others.

  2. I’ve pondered this and I wonder if it has something to do with submitting to a higher power. If I were a churchgoer I’d give alms to the church knowing that the church would use that for the greater good.

    As someone who lives atheistically, I don’t donate to the church nor help out on bake-sales or community stuff. I do have a sense to ‘do good’ so help where I can on a more personal basis. This help might be more obvious help but not necessarily any better or worse than the smartly ordered help a church provides.

  3. How many did Jesus not help? yes, we know of the ones that he did, but there would have been many more that he didn’t. I could imagine one of those people he did not heal thinking maybe Jesus just did not care. I could imagine many Christians like that. I don’t think it’s fair for the world to judge us for the ones we do not help when they don’t know of the ones we do. Also, in the world there are a few nice people, but boy it is ugly out there. I see it every day in my job. Those people I see do not care in the least about anyone but themselves. They steal stuff. Lie. Beat up their mums in front of their dads. Trust me, I have seen both sides of society and I tell you with all its faults, those inside the church in the main are amazing people. Kind. Loving. Caring. And generous.

    • I totally agree. Like I said in the blog I am not here to bash the church as I love it dearly. However my love for it doesn’t make me blind to its, at times shortcomings. And I am saddened my friend has had the experience he has.

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